4 Beaches You Should Visit When in Phuket

Stressed? Want a break? Want to get away from all of life’s cruelties and just kick back, relax and enjoy yourself? Well, friends what better place to do all that than a sunny, tranquil Beach. Not just any beach mind you! But a place where the sand is as soft as butter and the waves crash against the rock in gentle ebb and flow.

Where would I find such a place you may ask? The answer: Phuket.

Home to not one but 4 beautiful beaches as well as many other wondrous sights that are sure take your breath away. Phuket is the place to be if you want to get away and enjoy yourself on a budget. Just get yourself booked with a Phuket travel agency and away you go!


Phuket is home to around 15 beaches, which are all well worth the trip to their destinations. They have a picturesque view and tranquility like no other. Out of these 15 beaches the following 4 have always garnered the most attention from tourists.


This beach is a bay area found on the southwest side of Phuket adjacent to the Kata Beach. This little pocket of heaven is a favourite with the locals as well as tourists because of the rocky headlands found on either side of the bay area, which allow the people to partake in snorkeling as well as many other underwater sports. This area is also known as a surfers dream because of the gnarly waves in the high tide seasons.


A popular beach which has miraculously retained its charm even after the influx of tourists and locals visiting there. The strong currents during High tide season make this a good spot for Kite-boarders and surfers. A little known secret is that the road from the car park of NaiHarn Beach leads to another little bay called the Ao Sane.


Also called “Millionaire’s Row” due to the 1 million dollar houses that dominate the prime spots and the top of the hills looking over the Andaman Sea. The whole area is filled with high-end hotels and bars as well as luxury resorts including the Amanpuri, Twin palms and The Surin. This place is a small coastal villages where tourists can enjoy luxury tropical foods with the added benefit of the picturesque view of white sand and calm turquoise waters.


This beach is a study in contrasts. It is the best place to see the changes wrought by time in the history of Phuket, Thailand. At one end of the beach you have fisherman’s, farmers and rubber tapers as well as an area that has been untouched by development and you can enjoy the beach’s beatific view, while at the other end you can find the Laguna Phuket; Asia’s largest resort as well as a four mile stretch along the edge of the beach containing other small luxurious resorts and villas.