Getting The Most Out of Your Freeview Channels

By arya

Just about everything these days is getting more and more expensive.

The price of a schooner is outrageous and cable packages are going right up as well. What many Australians don’t realize is that there are tons of great channels and content available through Freeview.

We put together a guide to explain what Freeview is and how you can maximize your signal strength and clarity.

Don’t Pay For Free Services

Freeview was created in 2008 to help consumers get the most out of the freely available television broadcast content. Instead of a bunch of smaller channels, it joined them all together under a single marketing marquee.

This helps makes sure consumers know about the great free options available. It prevents the big cable and satellite companies from pushing their paid services without competition. Freeview provides 25+ channels across a range of entertainment types.

News and Sport Coverage

Freeview gives you access to most of the major news channels like ABC, ABC News, ABC HD, Seven, STQ, and Nine. This lets you quickly find the headlines of the day and explore major sporting events like races, football, and rugby.

Local Events

All the major metropolitans have their own personalized news and event channels. For Melbourne that’s C31 Melbourne. These give you up to date news, local interest stories, and cover major community events.

Check Your Equipment

Too many Australians wind up paying for TV services because they have old or nonfunctional digital antennas. Like all electronics these days you need to maintain and occasionally upgrade your antenna.

Some people like to DIY it but this is usually a mistake. Picking out the right antenna for your area and installing it properly is harder than you’d think.

The Right Antenna

A local installer has the experience to pick out just the right equipment for your Melbourne antenna installation. There are tons of different types of antennas on the market. Some are optimized for metro areas while others are built for rural areas with longer transmission distances.

If you just order the most affordable or even the highest rated antenna you might end up with one ill-suited for your home. Even the perfect antenna for your location might not work if it isn’t properly and professionally installed.

The Right Fit and Placement

If you’ve got a cozy home you don’t want a large antenna messing with your view. The right size antenna, installed in the optimal location, is required for effective use of Freeview services.

In the past, you could spin around your old rabbit ears until the picture cleared up. Nowadays that just isn’t possible. A professional installer will know how to test for the strongest signals available.

They can find just the right spot on your home for your Melbourne antenna installation. Even better, they’ll do an excellent job installing it so all the connectors are properly put together and low profile.

The Right Features

Do you need an aerial antenna or a parabolic dish? Or maybe a Yagi antenna would work best. What frequency is Freeview content carried on and how much do you need to boost it for your area?

There’s a pretty good chance you can’t answer those questions. Digital antennas are simple in theory but get complicated quickly. Letting the professionals come in and do the job right saves you a lot of headaches down the road.

You’ll get the best antenna for your area, optimized for your house’s physical location, and installed right.

Freeview FV

If you really want to get the most out of Freeview you have to check out Freeview FV. It’s a free online service that lets you watch the back catalog of shows for several Freeview channels.

It’s a lot like Netflix, just completely free!

The selection isn’t massive but Freeview is continuously adding new content and expanding the channels participating.

Get Your TV Back in Working Order

Repairing or upgrading your digital antenna is one of the best ways to improve your enjoyment of Freeview. Don’t let the cable and satellite companies convince you it’s just bad service. Have your antenna checked out today to ensure you get the clearest picture, best audio, and most channels possible.