7 Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling to Dubai

By arya

Dubai is a top tourist destination and shopping heaven. Dubai is known for its extravagance and wealth. With the largest shopping center and tallest building, Dubai Marina is known as the “tallest block in the world”. If you are traveling to Dubai, keep these important things in mind.

1. Take Only Prescribed Medicines with You

Dubai has very strict rules for the purchase of medicines. Here some medicines come under restricted drugs category. If you get caught with restricted or unprescribed medicines, you can be in trouble. If you do not have a doctor’s prescription it is problematic. Do not forget to bring your doctor’s prescription with you when you want to travel to Dubai with your medicines.

2. Tourists Can Enjoy Sunny Weather All Through the Year

There is only one temperature in Dubai and that is hot. This is one thing that tourists need to know while traveling to Dubai. The high temperatures can be a different experience for the tourist coming from cold areas. During winter, the average temperature is about 77 Fahrenheit. During the summer the regular temperature is about 113 Fahrenheit. Even though Visitors enjoy the hot summer atmosphere, they must remember to wear things such as a scarf to cover their face and head, sunscreen, and even clothes that help them cover their bodies to protect themselves from sunburn.

3. The Weekend Is Friday and Saturday

In Dubai, the weekend is Fridays and Saturdays. Unlike other cities in the world, Friday is a holiday; Sunday in Dubai is a working day. The subways in Dubai start on Fridays at 10 o’clock. For most people, it is a day of rest. The nightclubs are the busiest on Thursdays and Fridays, and the tourist resorts and shopping centers remain crowded on weekends.

4. Dubai Is Enjoyable Even With Limited Budget

Dubai is known as one of the most luxurious and expensive cities in the world. That does not mean that a person who is not millionaire cannot visit this city on a holiday. There are many places that can be seen and tourists can do many fun activities there. If you like to eat, you can get a wide variety of dishes at economical prices. As Dubai is really advance in technology, you can find cheap and delicious meals delivered to your doorstep as well. Traveling around the city is also quite cheap as taxi fare is inexpensive. You can easily enjoy an exciting vacation to Dubai in a low budget.

5. You Can Have Nearly Everything Delivered To Your Door-Step

Most restaurants, shops, and even services in Dubai deliver directly to you. You can have almost everything delivered to your door with a simple call or ordering through the web. You can actually get things done like dry-cleaning of your clothes, drugstore medications and supermarket groceries, a Cold Stone Creamery birthday cake and even a single Starbucks cappuccino.

6. Media and Communication

Etisalat is the leading telecommunications provider in Dubai. You can purchase a SIM card at the airport. The network is really good and you would find a good range of signals even in the desert. Additionally, international calls are reasonably priced between 9 PM to 7 AM and on weekends. Wi-Fi is accessible at the airport and in all hotels. So you can easily do internet surfing. There are some restrictions when it comes to using social media. You can use Skype or FaceTime for video calling because WhatsApp calls are blocked in Dubai. You can post pictures of your tour on social media, but make sure they are not government pictures, car accidents, military buildings or pictures of local women in public. These are considered felonies and can get you in trouble.

7. Family-oriented Activities

Dubai is the perfect place to travel with your family as it offers a wide range of family-oriented activities. In any case, you should do a desert safari tour, where you can indulge in adventurous activities. You would find venues of entertainment and availability of good food even in the desert. Apart from that, there are several great water parks, theme parks and gardens that are perfect for family tours. The city’s shopping centers also offer some interesting activities for people with children. If you want to explore the stunning neighborhood, you can take a walk. You can always board the Dhow cruise Dubai if you are interested in the panoramic views. There is also a Dhow Cruise Dinner where you can cruise the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina in the evening along with enjoying the sights, music and delicious food.

Dubai Marina is declared as a milestone on the international map as it offers unmatched views of the buildings. During your cruise, make sure you experience the striking and unique architecture of these residential and commercial buildings. Dhow cruise departs at an hour of intervening from 10 AM morning to 5 PM evening. As you board the cruise, you will be warmly welcomed with a glass of cold drink and gentle soothing music. The trip will allow you to experience Ocean Heights, Infinity Tower, and Marina Pinnacle. You can have all the fun with your family there.

With so much information in hand, it would be a breeze to travel to Dubai. You must not forget to follow these rules and respect for local traditions, you will find that traveling to Dubai is an exceptional experience.