Equipping Assisted Living Apartments for Alzheimer’s sufferers

By arya

With the rapid aging of the American population, there is a distinct need to explore the way the senior assisted living facilities are designed. This is particularly the dementia assisted living facilities. You need to ensure that the assisted living facilities are equipped in a manner that the best care will be accorded to the seniors with special needs. According to recent studies, one in nine Americans aged 65 and above are living with memory conditions. Thus, while designing the apartments for this special group, it’s necessary you ensure these apartments are equipped appropriately. In this article, we review equipping assisted living apartments for the Alzheimer’s sufferers. We shall advise you on the facilities you need to have in their apartments.

1. Aiding Way Finding and Orientation

While designing the apartment for the Alzheimer’s sufferers, ensure that the facility has enough space giving the room a distinct appearance and the overall layout. It’s important that you include a unique and varied landmark to aid in way finding. The landmark is instrumental in decision making. Thus, include recognizable objects and artwork that is not only viewable but also easily recognizable. Adding a special door feature helps the seniors living with Alzheimer’s recognize the path ways.

2. Independence Control and Flexible Rhythms

It’s important ensuring that the seniors remain autonomous among other factors. Ensure the dementia assisted living facilities are designed such that the seniors can determine their daily routes. In addition, the facility needs to be equipped with mobility assistance devices. This provides the dementia sufferers with high quality life despite the condition.

3. Ensure Safety and Security

It’s important ensuring that the Alzheimer’s sufferers are in a safe and secure environment. They also need to perceive themselves as safe and secure. This is sometimes challenging given that the Alzheimer’s sufferers have cognitive impairment. Alzheimer’s disease comes with anxieties and paranoia feeling that adversely affect the health and the wellbeing. Giving then the much-needed security ensures they feel a sense of home being and a high comfort level with ability to concentrate and willingness to participate in the social activities.

4. The Spa and Bathroom Facilities

For dementia sufferers, the toileting and bathing experience is often stressful and overwhelming. This also feels complex to the caregivers there are various designs that can be adopted to ensure senior friendly bathrooms. There are various specific recommendations that can be incorporated when designing their facilities.

5. Active Engagements

Seniors should be actively engaged. The environment needs to fell right for them. Look for assisted living apartments near you that will allow assisted living with a cat or dog for those who love living with pets. These facilities that allow the seniors with dementia to live with pets are good to ensure the seniors will have a comfortable time at the facilities. Professional caregiver involvement has grown overtime and many facilities allow seniors to come in with their pets.

With the above considerations when designing the senior assisted living facilities for seniors with dementia, you will be able to come up with appropriate apartment for the seniors.