Coordinating The Curtains with The Vibe of The House – What Does It Take?

When choosing curtains for your windows it’s not just covering them but enhancing the aesthetics of the room and meeting some practical needs. They give presence to your room, set the mood and create the connection between indoors and outdoors. Why are you hanging curtains? Well, they block out light, they keep your room private, and they boost the style of the space. If you choose the right model of curtains, they can even transform your window into the focal point of the room or they can make it feel cosier. Follow this link to get some unique home renovation ideas.

Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect curtains for your windows.

Measure up

Before choosing the model of curtains you should make sure that they fit, and not only length-wise, but also widthways. You should also pay attention to the type of fabric you select because it will influence the expansion of the curtains.

How to measure for curtains?

It’s advisable to install the curtain track or pole before measuring for the curtains. Choose one that extends with 15 to 30cm past either side of the window and 15cm above its top. Measure the size of the pole and not the window when you calculate the length and width of the curtains. Depending on the type of curtain you will choose, here are some recommendations on how to calculate the width:

  • Eyelet curtains: Pole or track width x 2
  • Pleated curtains: Pole or track width x 2
  • Tab top curtains: Pole or track width x 1.5

When it comes to their length you can hang them to the floor, to a still or below the still, you’ll have to decide before choosing the model. It’s advisable to end them 1.25cm above the window still, 15cm below the window still or 1.25cm above the floor.

Curtains can create the illusion of space

If you are looking for curtains for a small room then you should choose long, floor-to-the-ceiling curtains, and hang them a few centimetres higher than your windows to highlight the height of the room and make it look taller. To maximise the effect you can choose a fabric that features a light-coloured vertical stripe pattern.

You should install the curtains in such a way to be able to pull them back beyond the window frame during the daytime because they will transform the window into a focal feature and will boost the feeling of comfort you get when you enter the room.

What style do you prefer?

The fabric and colour of the window treatments can establish the colour palette and vibe for the entire room. Here are the main styles you can choose from.

Solid curtains

Solid curtains are versatile, layering with the décor of the room. Decide what the overall feel of the room will be and choose the curtains that meet it. You will have to decide if you want a model that becomes the focal point of the room or is just a backdrop.

If you want something to blend with the space then you should choose something in ivory, white or other neutrals.

If you want to add some drama to the space then you should rely on stronger hues like blues, greys, and reds.

If you want to allow light to enter the room then you should go with sheer window treatments. For more privacy, lined drapes are the perfect choice.

Printed curtains

If you want something designed by an artist, a unique model, then you should check the collection of printed curtains your local store offers. These window treatments are a design element on their own and they attract attention towards them the moment you enter the room. By accessorising them with a stripe of lace ribbon the can completely change the style of the room. You will find on the market a wide variety of patterns from subtle models with fine details, to rich models with bold statement patterns.

What fabric should you choose?

The style and practical considerations are the ones that influence the type of fabric you should select.

Do you want privacy?

Choosing medium to heavyweight curtains will block out the intruders’ glimpses and but also the light. If you want to prevent the curtains from obstructing the light when you keep them open, you should extend the pole beyond the window frame. You can combine heavyweight curtains with lightweight sheers, to maintain privacy even when you allow light to enter your house.

Do you want warmth?

The best solution for excluding draughts is to opt for heavy fabrics like wool and velvet, they are medium-weight fabrics but they will protect you from cold if you line or interline them.

Do you want light to enter the room?

Pale colours reflect the light, and lightweight fabrics allow sunrays to light the space. If you’re not experiencing privacy problems or draughts, they are the perfect solution. You can combine sheers or unlined curtains with a blind if you want to enhance privacy.

Combine the curtains with the rest of the room

The style and décor of the room are vital when choosing the curtains. For example, if your room is decorated in a contemporary or modern style it’s advisable to opt for panel curtains in cotton, sheers or linen. Light tones like white and grey are perfect for this style.

If your house is decorated in a vintage or classic style then you should go with embroidered or printed drapes made from solid velvet, silk or satin.

You may want to install patterned or solid curtains to transform them into the focal point of the room. If this is the case, you’ll want to choose a model in a hue that matched the colour palette of the space. For a more dramatic look, you should take a risk with the colour of the window treatments, fuller drapes are the best choice.

Curtains are a big investment so you should make sure that you maintain them properly to stand the test of time. Do not wash them by yourself, because high-quality premium materials can get easily get ruined if you don’t know how to clean them.