Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Most people live comfortably in their homes and never give a passing thought to the very foundation that makes their home stable. Most of us never think about possible damage to the foundation, and often have no idea what the signs of a damaged foundation are. This means that any problems that arise are left to fester and get worse, which could have a huge negative impact on your home.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with some of the common signs of foundation damage, as this means you can get a foundation problem expert to come and take a look sooner rather than later. Taking early action can save you a lot of problems and headaches in the future, and it also means your home will be less likely to suffer serious damage as a result of foundation problems. In this article, we will look at some of the common signs of foundation problems.

Some Signs to Look For

When the foundation becomes damaged, it can affect your home in many ways. Knowing what to look for will enable you to take steps and get the problems sorted out. Some of the common signs of foundation issues are:

Changes to the Walls

You may notice various changes to the walls of your home when foundation problems develop and continue to get worse. One thing that is common is cracks appearing in the walls, and these can be vertical or horizontal cracks. The cracks can also take the form of stair-step cracks. In addition to this, you may notice movement in the walls, which can include bulging or bowing walls. It can also affect fixtures that are affixed to the walls, as the movement of the walls may also impact fixtures such as cupboards and shelving.

Changes to the Floors

You may also notice changes to the floors of your home, which can also be adversely affected by foundation problems. The one thing to bear in mind with flooring issues is that they can increase the risk of trips and falls in your home, so they can create a serious hazard. You may notice cracks appearing on the floors of your home, and you may also notice that the floors have become uneven and that some areas have started to sink.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Another common indication that you may have foundation problems is if the windows and doors around your home start to stick. It can become very frustrating when this happens, as you find yourself battling to open and close doors and windows. In addition, this can also increase the risk of people in your home getting injured as they try to get the windows and doors open or closed.

Find a Reputable Professional

In order to avoid these issues and prevent them from arising, it is important to get your foundation checked and repaired by a professional. Make sure you find someone with a good reputation and plenty of experience, as this will help to ensure the job is done properly.