About Staking: A Method to Improve Your Betting

By arya

Gambling is not a guaranteed way of making money. You could win or lose in equal measure but it all depends on the strategy you use to bet. You don’t want to risk all your money and at the same time, you want to make some significant profits. There are a few methods that one can use to improve their betting strategy or know how to play real cash casino.

  • Level Stakes

This kind of staking is quite popular. This is because it is very easy to understand and stick to. It is also not as risky as the rest of them and therefore makes it quite safe to use. In this method, you usually set a particular amount of staking that you feel you are comfortable with.

This is definitely small enough not to mind if you lose and high enough to make you a good profit. You stick to this amount in every other bet that you will place. The returns are not as much as if you would stake higher but when you do it continuously the returns could grow so fast.

  • Level Profits

This is almost the same as level stakes only that this time what remains constant is the profit you want to make. When placing each bet, you do so in such a way that you expect to get the same profit with every bet.

If the odds are low you increase the stake to ensure your profit remains the same and you do the opposite when the odds are high. This is a good way of staking because you’ll be assured of hitting the profit target you have set every time you win.

  • Varied Stakes

For this one, without discipline, you won’t manage. You need to select a certain range of values that you will bet with as opposed to using just a single value. That means you can either stake low when you feel not too confident or high when you feel confident.

However, it should be within the range of your betting balance that you have selected. That gives you a chance to maximize your wins because you’ll have staked high on the confident bets. You also avoid losing so much because your stake was low when you were not too sure about the bet.

  • Rolling Bets

Rolling Bets method is way too risky but surprisingly getting popular by the day. If you’re a serious punter then this is not your method. You’re supposed to start with a small set amount and bet it all on one bet. If you win, then bet everything on the next bet.

The advantages of this particular method are that profits will be huge and will grow very fast but it’s the same if you lose. The best thing is to set a target and have the discipline to stop once you hit it.

There is no way to tell which is the best method to use. It all depends on your bankroll and how much of a risk you’re willing to take. Try them out and see which one works for you.