What is Dominica Most Famous For?

The nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica is the fusion of British, French and Indian cultures! It is also home to the largest carb Indian community. Dominica has not yet been discovered by the lovers of adventure tourism, such as divers, and explorers who are looking for places to do these kinds of activities; and it has not yet been discovered since the island has only two airports, and the limited numbers of resorts compared to other islands; Dominica remains untouched by package tourism.

Tourist mainly visits Dominica from a cruise ship or multiday trip from nearby islands.

Others spend the winter in Dominica due to its warm climate and tranquility. These factors have lead Dominica to be one of the preferred countries for investors to invest in, besides for Dominica citizenship that can be obtained through Dominica citizenship by real estate investment program or through economic citizenship program! So if you are really interested in Dominica here is the list of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Dominica:

1. Morne Trois Pitton National Park

It is the jewel of Dominica, surrounded by small mountains interior, this tropical park, which includes dense forests interspersed with giant ferns with wild orchids, stretching and interlocking to a height of 1424 meters. According to UNESCO, this park is one of the most important world heritage sites on 17,000 acres. It includes Boiling Lake, Victoria waterfalls, Trafalgar Falls, the thick fog lake (Pierre), the Middleham Falls, Emerald Lake and the Valley of Desolation, with varying colors and hot water springs. is one of the best starting points for a visit to the park is the Village of Laudat, 11 kilometers from Rousseau.

2. Boiling Lake

The most popular attractions in Morne Trois Pitton Park! It is the second largest lake in the world and it takes 3 hours to walk to the lake, but it is worth it and is recommended by tour guides! This is due to the strange view of the lake from hot water bubbles, which are very hot, it ends in harmonious colors between green and blue. Geologists believe that the depth of this hot lake reaches 63 meters! And it was a volcanic crater flooded with water, and then a crack occurred as an outlet of hot gases in the ground formed by molten lava, and the temperature at the edges of the lake ranges from 82 – 92C and is at boiling point in the center of the lake, the trail becomes slick and very muddy.

3. Victoria Falls

One of the most beautiful attractions of the Morne Trois-Pitton Park is the impressive tour guides, which are formed by the successive and heavy fall of the white river on a slope resting on a warm lake. Because the river is rich in minerals, the Victoria Falls have acquired milky white. You can reach these waterfalls in just half an hour of walking in the river crossings and clinging to the small rocks that surround them, but they are really worth reaching and seeing, and when you reach them you can relax and get rest in the lake and enjoy the sound of falling waterfalls, A pedestrian crossing was swept away in 2015 by tropical storm Erika.

4. Trafalgar Falls

The twin waterfalls or as Dominica is famous for the waterfalls of the mother and father, where they parallel the winding slopes to finally inhabit the hot and cold pools among the sulfur rocks! Where the end of the waterfalls with a hot water fountain that led to these lakes at different temperatures, allowing you the opportunity to move between them to get relaxation. These waterfalls take between 10 to 15 minutes to walk pleasantly between gingerbread and floral orchid flowers.

5. Cabrit National Park

Located on the northeastern side of Dominica on a peninsula, this park features rainforests, various wetlands, beautiful black sand beaches, and coral reefs that offer visitors opportunities for diving and snorkeling activities! This wonderful combination gives the garden a breathtaking panoramic view from its highest point. One of the attractions of this park is to find the remains of the 18th century Fort Shirley, which gives an aesthetic view of Prince Rupert Bay, as well as the city of Portsmouth with the port of Caprice, which is used for cruises.