8 Things That Your Hair Stylist Really Wants to You to Know (but Can’t Tell You)

By arya

Are you visiting The Xerxes to get some chic or fun hairstyle ideas — perhaps an amazing layered asymmetrical cut or some stylish hair extensions? Well, before you head into the salon, here are 8 things that your hair stylist really wants to tell you (but can’t):

They appreciate when you’re detailed.

It’s very difficult for your hair stylist to know what will make you happy if you’re vague or fuzzy. The more detailed you are, the better chance you’ll be delighted with the results (and so will your hair stylist!).

When they recommend products, they aren’t trying to “upsell” you.

Professional hair stylists don’t get a commission or any financial incentive if you buy products that they recommend, such as shampoos or straightening irons. They simply recommend them, because they want you to have great looking, healthy hair. You can certainly buy products elsewhere, if you wish (or choose not to buy anything at all — it’s entirely up to you!).

They understand if you want to switch hair stylists.

It’s possible that the relationship between you and your hair stylist might lose some of its zest, or you may simply want to experience the skill and artistry of someone else. Be assured that you are empowered to do this, and there won’t be any hard feelings. What matters most is your comfort and happiness.

They don’t want you to be habitually late.

Being slightly late once in a while is fine. However, please don’t make it a habit. It not only inconveniences other clients, but it can cost your hair stylist money if they ultimately end up serving fewer clients because they were forced to wait for you. If you are running late, then texting, emailing or calling ahead is appreciated.

If you like chatting, please don’t book on a Saturday — especially in the summer.

Saturday is usually the busiest day of the week for salons. So, if you’re looking forward to a nice chat with your hair stylist, then do yourself (and your hair stylist!) a favor and don’t book your appointment on Saturday — especially in the summer, when wedding and vacation season are at their peaks.

Please teach your hair stylist something interesting.

Speaking of chatting: while hair stylists love talking about hair (it’s what they do for a living, after all!), what they often enjoy even more is learning something new from their clients. So if you’re a chef, then by all means share some of your gourmet tips. If you’re a telecommunications consultant, explain what is a VoIP number. You’re full of knowledge and wisdom. Your hair stylist would love to listen and learn from you.

Don’t be afraid to be honest.

If you aren’t happy with your cut, style, color, or any other aspect of your experience (i.e. perhaps you lingered in the waiting area longer than you should have), then don’t hesitate to share your feedback with your hair stylist and, if necessary, the manager. Just remember to be polite and professional. Screaming and shouting won’t help.

Go ahead and ask for discounts and extras.

If you’re a loyal client — and especially if you’re referred family members, friends or colleagues to the salon — then by all means, go ahead and ask for discounts and extras. Your hair stylist will be happy to comply if they can. Or at the very least, they’ll let you know ahead of time when special sales and promotions are scheduled. You could save a bundle!