25 Hawaiian Tattoos You Should Try In 2016

By arya

Hawaiian tattoos have a rich and old history of thousands of years. These tattoos have been evolved starting from the 90’s and today many people choose the flashy Hawaiian tattoos. They are tribal styled tattoo designs that represent the ancient tribes inhabited in Hawaiian Islands. Compared with traditional tribal tattoos these tattoos have an exotic touch on them. Below we’ll represent their designs and the ways they are reflected on body.

Looking at a Hawaiian tattoo one may notice animal, flower, tropical and exotic tree and Hawaiian Tiki God tattoo designs which represent the incredibly beautiful Hawaiian nature and fascinating culture. These tattoos include other cultures as well as the Polynesian, Maori and Samoan tribal cultures. These cultures are full of traditions that have their influence on body art as well. Modern tribal tattoo art is mainly based on these tattoo designs. The cultural mixtures are quite visible in the tattoo designs created on the bases of these traditions, that’s why they are available for anyone who looks for a tribal tattoo. Hawaiian tattoos tend to introduce the old traditions of the tribes as well as to provide you with the modern popular culture of Hawaiian Islands. For many people these tattoos have a kind of retro appeal in them that make the body more eye-catching and grab attention.

Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Designs

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo with Meanings

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Woman

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos Meanings

Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Tattoos

Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo Meaning


Impressive Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Jaw Dropping Hawaiian Tattoo

Latest Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Images

Latest Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Maori Polynesian Chest Tattoo Design

Polynesian Back Tattoo

Polynesian Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs..

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tribal Turtle Tattoo

Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

Samoan Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Samoan Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Traditional Hawaiian Tattoo Designs...

Traditional Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Tribal Cancer Tattoo Designs