The Daisy Cup – For a Better Period Experience and an Easy to Use Cup

By arya

Menstruation is like a nightmare to every woman, but we know the fact that we do not have any choice but to deal with it. However, despite this reality, your period must be comfortable as one two three. Do not suffer yourself during your menstruation and you should find a perfect menstrual product for a better period.

Most of the ladies right now are buzzing about this menstrual cup, an easy and convenient menstrual product that every woman wants to have. Different brands are out in the market today; that is why you should know which suits perfectly for you. Explore more about Daisy cup.

Unzip The Truth About Daisy Cup

Daisy cup is another menstrual product, but unlike pads and tampons, it collects the menstrual blood by the use of the cup that will be inserted to the vagina during menstruation. It is made from medical silicone, and the shape is like a bell that has a stem. It can sustain the blood up to 12 hours a day. It can save so much of your time, especially if you are on the go.

A menstrual cup is recyclable, and you can reuse it on your next period. Make sure to clean it thoroughly before keeping it in a container. It is recommended to boil it with warm water for five minutes to sterilize the cup and keeping it away from bacteria. Many women are using the cup instead of pads and tampons because it is more comfortable and more convenient to use in terms of time and financially.

Why Daisy Cup?

There are various menstrual cups available right now in the market that is why most of the consumers will easily buy what is popular. However, women must understand that not all of these will work effectively to everyone. It is essential that you use the product that suits you. Let me share with you the reasons why you should use Daisy cup and try to evaluate if it will give you everything you need from a menstrual cup.

Each part of a cup has its purpose for you to have a better experience during menstruation. The stem has a lovely texture; it is very soft to touch that will allow you to remove it quickly and faster. The cup was shaped according to the body’s unique contours for a comfortable feeling while wearing it inside. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone that goes in smoothly, so there will be no worries for rushes. The grip rings of the cup will give you comfort during the removal of the cup. The rim was designed to prevent the leaks during heavy flow.

Know The Different Sizes Of Daisy Cup

Menstrual cups come from different sizes, and it is essential to know what is your size. Choosing the right cup will prevent the leaks and make sure that it will work accordingly. In choosing the right size, you must consider the length, diameter, and capacity according to your flow.

There are menstrual cups for low cervix and high cervix. Daisy cup has three types of sizes the Daisy cup double pack, Daisy cup regular, and Daisy cup small. The Daisy cup regular is recommended for those who have normal flow and for consumers who are already expert in using the cup and also for women who have given birth via cesarean. Daisy cup small is perfect for beginners in using a menstrual cup because it is made for a hassle-free insertion and easy to use. You can also have them both by purchasing the Daisy cup double pack.


Menstruation is a natural event that our body needs to do, and it will help us to get rid of those unwanted blood from our body and make pregnancy possible. All we have to do is to deal with it and do things that will help us to have a comfortable period.

You can start by choosing the best menstrual product that will provide all your menstrual needs. To select the best brand, you can read the feedback of other consumers. You can also try to use them until you can find the product that suits you. Using a menstrual might be so hard at first, but if you practice to use it, then it will be easier when used frequently.