Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

By arya

Ah, the kitchen. The favorite room in a house for many of us. People usually gather in the same spots in the kitchen very often, and that’s why it sometimes can feel outdated and worn. And those feelings really can drag down the atmosphere that we want our home to have. And additionally, an old and used-looking kitchen can drop the price of a house if you’re looking to sell home and move. So, naturally, we strive towards remodeling and redesigning it. However, money sometimes can represent an obstruction in these kinds of jobs. But don’t you worry, because there are many ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget.

Breathe new life into your cabinets

Cabinets simply have to be the first thing on this list. They’re a very essential part of any kitchen and a major focal point nonetheless. That is why upgrading your cabinets gives so much to the look of the room. However, the price of new ones doesn’t have to represent a problem in remodeling. You can do a lot of things to modernize the look of the ones that you already have, for the fraction of the cost. And while at it, why stop on the appearance? There are also many smart storage and organization ideas for the kitchen.

Painting cabinets can demand a lot of labor, but the results can be staggering. You’ll find yourself pleased that you have spent so much time with a can of paint and a brush. If you feel that your cabinets are plain, you can always add some molding before painting. You can customize them however you want.

If you don’t want to hustle with painting, why not embrace the open shelving trends? It’s the easiest redesign there is. Simply remove cabinet doors and exhibit your beautiful dishware. More often dusting is the only downside of doing this.

Adding new hardware onto the drawers and cabinets is also an easy mod to do and can be extremely effective. Remember to keep it clean and simple.

On the other hand, professionals from Master Moving Guide have drawn our attention to some interesting solutions. If you feel like experimenting, mixed and mismatched knobs and pulls can look very impressive. You can also paint your existing hardware with spray paint and make it appear different.

White and black kitchen
Painting your cabinets or removing their doors are ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget.

Refresh your countertops

Now, we would all love to have those natural stone countertops in our open kitchen. Materials like marble and granite do look fantastic and they’re as desirable as they can be. Unfortunately, they’re often way out of reach if you’re trying to find ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget. However, that doesn’t mean that you must be a prisoner of laminate countertops for the rest of your life.

The thing that many people like to do is to simply cover the builder grade laminate with a few coats of concrete. The results are surprisingly nice. Another option if you want to achieve that natural stone look is faux granite. It’s not as amazing as the real deal but it will give your kitchen fresh and new look.

Upgrade your sink

This is something that people forget about for some reason. But, replacing the sink can freshen a kitchen quite a bit. If you’re replacing a sink, you should, of course, replace the faucet too.

Nowadays, stainless steel seems like a way to go. However, there are many other materials available. Sinks made out of copper and cast iron look rustic and antique. And with faucets, options are even more versatile. This is a great job to do if you’re replacing the whole countertop since you don’t have to follow the dimensions of the old sink in this scenario. Compared to all the other upgrades, this one is by far the most affordable and almost anyone can do the installation by himself.

Brass faucet
A brass faucet can be a nice touch in your remodeled kitchen.

Ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget – Paint the walls

When we’re faced with the upcoming relocation, usually while still in the time of collecting valuable info about the moving process, we paint the walls of the house to increase its value a little bit. Why do you think this is? It’s because it refreshes and brightness the whole space in no time.

The same thing applies to remodel a kitchen. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is the only thing that divides us from our new perfect room. If your kitchen feels dark, simply paint all the walls bright white. This will open the space and the room will start breathing. Many more paint ideas can be incorporated into the kitchen. You can also add crown molding around the walls and cabinets to finish it with a custom look. It’s a really inexpensive thing to do and it can look high end and chic when done right.

Improve your backsplash

Ideally, you want your backsplash to be more than just a functional thing. It should introduce texture and color to your kitchen workspace. If it’s not doing these things, it’s time to improve it. Mosaic tiles are always modern and fun option if you don’t know where to go. This job is fairly easy and can be done in a weekend. There is also an option of peel and stick tiles if you can’t be bothered with grout. These tiles can be also glued on top of the existing backsplash.

A colorful mosaic tile
Custom mosaic backsplashes are the best way to bring color and texture into your kitchen.

Customize your refrigerator

If your appliances are outdated you probably struggle a lot looking at those old refrigerator doors. When this is the case, the best thing to do is to give it a little DIY twist. It may seem a little bit scary to go on and paint your refrigerator, but you really don’t have anything to be scared of. An interesting solution that seems to rise in popularity is chalkboard paint. If it fits in your aesthetics of course. If this seems too edgy for you, removable wallpapers are also a good way to go.

As you can see, there are many ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget. And the results come with a ton of fun. The only limitation here really is your determination and imagination.