The Top 6 Teaching Challenges


A teaching job might look quite easy, but teaching can be one of the most challenging jobs. There are many obstacles a teacher may encounter along with the added responsibility of molding a student’s future. Here is a list of top challenges faced by any teacher.

1. Too many Students in a Class:

Too many Students in a Class
With too many students in a class, it becomes really difficult to handle them let alone focus on their learning. If a class exceeds a certain number of students, the teacher cannot give individual attention to each student hence the teaching and learning process will not be very effective. For an effective learning by the students, certain students might need extra attention but too many students in a batch makes it impossible for a teacher to give that individual attention to any slow student.

2. Outdated Syllabus:

This is a very common issue when it comes to classroom teaching. The syllabus does not update regularly as the students learn from textbooks which are not revised quite often. The result is that learning gets outdated as students follow an old curriculum for a long duration of time without updates as per the latest trends and technologies.

3. Lack of Time:

Lack of Time
The syllabus a teacher is given is meant to be completed in a particular time span. This pressurizes them to rush through the syllabus hence it becomes difficult to concentrate on the fact that how much knowledge is the student able to grasp.

4. Administrative Jobs:

Apart from teaching, a teacher is also required to take care of certain administrative jobs such as maintaining attendance record, work as a counselor, do grading of the exam papers and much more. These roles may take away from their precious teaching time as well.

5. Different Calibre Students in the Same Classroom:

Different Calibre Students in the Same Classroom
Few students have the ability to grasp things faster and few need special attention to learn something new. Most of the educational institutes do not bother to separate these kids and all of them are dumped into the same class. As a result, it becomes difficult for a teacher to judge the speed of teaching which will be beneficial to each student. Also, the limited time to finish the syllabus forces them to rush through it hence many students may lack in these subjects as a result.

6. Teaching Difficulties in E-Learning Sessions:

Other than standard classroom teaching, online teaching and learning is also becoming quite famous nowadays. The concept may sound simple and in reality, it is; but online tutors also face certain challenges. One of the main challenges a tutor faces while imparting knowledge through an online portal is the fact that the students are present in a passive manner. Sometimes it gets tricky for the tutor to understand if the students are actively participating in and understanding the class. Feedback forms have been created to solve this issue.
Any teacher can only be effective in teaching their students, outgrow of the above-mentioned challenges and much more when they are mindful and well-organized for their daily teaching routine.