Is It Possible to Stay Together After an Affair?

If you’ve ever been through infidelity, you’d know the devastating impact it has on both parties. In many situations, this can affect your personal and professional life. Some couples, no matter the damage, find a way to weather the storm and get back together.

Are you in a similar situation? Is it possible to make things right once again?

The answer is probably yes. If it’s up to you to make that decision. What you should realize is that people have affairs for a variety of reasons, and this doesn’t mean the unfaithful person is not in love with you anymore. So, if you are holding the cards and wondering can you and how to get back together with your cheating partner, answer yourself the question:

Is it worth it?

As mentioned earlier, people have affairs for so many reasons. It could be a sexual addiction, retaliation, exploration, a sense of entitlement, etc.

None of these reasons give the disloyal person a free pass to commit adultery. You might have little or no power over your partner’s tendency to cheat. While this may seem like a negative, it proves that it’s not necessarily a relationship issue.

However, it might happen again.

Only after you embrace this and know for sure that your partner is also ready to make such a commitment again can you start going slowly into getting back together. Keep in mind that even if you are the infidelity victim, your partner may need some affair recovery time as well.

Reasons why couples decide to rebuild
Yes, it is not that uncommon, and some people do it, and if you are feeling weak, here are some reasons that keep couples together.

#1. Grace over justice

The act of forgiveness by the non-straying partner is a generous act that is psychologically and emotionally powerful. No, you’re not the weak ones, and forgiving your partner’s betrayal can rebuild intimacy through grace.

#2. Kids and family

When children are involved, especially ones at an early age, parents decide to keep their cool and stay together for the sake of their kids’ future development. Going through a divorce can be really traumatizing for children, and sometimes staying together is the only option on the table.

#3. Proactive relationship repair

When couples start working through infidelity, they start exploring the meaning behind the moves, what led to that and how they may have contributed to the process. This often involves the help of a professional third party, and in many cases, it may end up with a healthier than ever relationship. It is that type of open communication that is important for a bond, and many couples come to realize that after an affair.

#4. Open relationships

Being open-minded to open relationships is also what some couples prefer. This is partially related to the previous topic as many people have a hard time expressing their non-traditional needs and ideas. Once people get comfortable and are truly open about the way they see themselves in a relationship, they can build something that lasts, regardless of the fact how weird it may be to others.

When it comes to getting back with your partner after an affair, there is no right or wrong. It’s a matter of preference!