How to Choose Accessories for Bridesmaid

By arya

Bridesmaids are the second most part of any marriage function, bride and groom being the first. Their attires, hairdos, and accessories matter a lot. This is why the planning of their dresses begins a lot sooner in the wedding preparations.

The bride always wants her girls to be coordinated with her; hence everything is of utmost importance. In the midst of bridesmaid dresses, theirshoes and makeup, one thing gets missed out, which is the accessories.

These little trinkets are so important, yet they get sidelined. So to help you make some quick reminders before choosing the accessories for bridesmaids, we have compiled a list. This list will help you while you shop for the accessories of your bridesmaids.

1.Based on the Theme:

While picking accessories for bridesmaids remember to adhere to the initial theme. This includes taking care of the tones – warm, neutral, and cool tones. The accessories should also match the outfit of the bridesmaids.

2.Consider the Weather:

This point cannot be stressed upon enough. When you have a wedding planned at a really humid location, you can’t expect your girls to wear heavy jewelry. So while going accessory shopping, do keep things light and breezy if you reside in a tropical region.


Reusable accessories are the most appreciated ones. Your bridesmaids will thank you a million times if you do this. So get them something that they can wear besides the wedding; something that can go well with their casual clothes as well.


Be coordinated with the theme of the party and the theme of the bride’s gown. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll go all matching-matching with everything. But connecting the color palette and finding complementing tones are the keys here.

5.No Overshadowing:

Going all out with bridesmaids’ accessories can make them the focal point of the occasion and not necessarily in a positive way. They can either overshadow the bride itself or they can look like Christmas trees. Both ways you have got to keep it low profile.

6.Not too Gaudy:

Brides make the mistakes of purchasing every big, bright, and gaudy. Going to bling-y or sparkling takes away from the elegance and chicness of the wedding. You don’t want your bridesmaids to look like disco balls. Nobody said that to make a statement you always have to go over the top.

7.Inspiration from Sites:

Inspiration from Sites
Inspirational pictures from Tumblr or Pinterest will be your best friend in the wedding planning process. Pin these pictures to trace the trend. Also, identify what people pair with which attire or color scheme. So, create a vision board and plan everything because these apps and sites are super addictive with their fascinating ideas.

8.The Style of the Gown:

Style of the Gown
The style of the gown is to be kept in mind while finalizing the accessories of your bridesmaid dresses. For instance, if you’re choosing a busy dress with lace detailing or beading then keep the accessory light. Coordinating the fabrics like lace on lace has always worked for the better. If you have chosen gold bridesmaid dresses, then go with some warm toned jewelry.


A fashion statement is all that we look up to but never forget subtlety is sometimes a statement enough. Besides, less is always more.