How to Apply for a Green Card With an E2 Visa

By arya

You are an investor that traveled to the United States to develop your investments there. Your business is doing great when suddenly your E2 visa is out of validity. Thus, you will have a problem with your matters and company in the United States. Fortunately, Permanent Residency is now available for E2 visa holders, which is suitable for those who want to live in the United States.

This article will discuss applying for a green card with an E2 visa that many investors eventually register for after succeeding with their investments. If you are interested in learning E2 permits, it is best to browse Ashoori Law for more reliable information.

What is an E2 Visa?

Before anything else, let us first identify what an E2 Visa is. An E2 visa is an official document used by investors whenever they want to travel to the United States for business purposes. Unlike other E visas, this visa is only exclusive for investors of a company with certain conditions that they must qualify first before they can have one.

The E2 visa works the same way as other visas. They have their validity period, requirements, processing time, expenses, and qualifications. Nonetheless, it brings the holder the authority to travel inside the United States without any restrictions.

What is a Green Card?

A green card is also referred to as a permanent resident card. Foreigners who want to stay in a specific country can apply for this to not have to worry about the expiration of their visa. Holders of the Green Card is known as a lawful permanent resident of a particular country. There are many categories wherein a person can apply for a green card. Excluding the non-employment based green cards, we have:

EB-1 Category

People who have green cards under this category are priority workers. Mostly those people are aliens with exceptional ability in a particular field like science, arts, business, etc. They can also be outstanding researchers or teachers, or famous multinational executives and managers.

EB-2 Category

People who have a permanent resident card under this category are workers that are members of the professions having advanced degrees. They can also be an alien who has exceptional ability.

EB-3 Category

Under the third preference, holders of this green card are mostly skilled workers, professionals, or other workers. Furthermore, if you are not qualified under the EB-1 and EB-2 categories, EB-3 can be your green card’s under-in.

These three preferences are the categories that your green can be under-in. Each class requires specific documents and evidence to prove you are qualified to have a green card under the preference.

Applying for a Green Card

According to the latest news, there are many ways to obtain a green card with an E2 visa. Although the process is long, eventually, you will have your permanent resident card. These processes are specified in the following list:

  1. Have your employer sponsor you through the Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) process.
  2. Obtain permanent residency through the National Interest Waiver.
  3. Have a green card by applying for a family-based permanent residency.
  4. Have your permanent resident card by using an EB-5 visa as a way to obtain it.

These are the four authentic ways to obtain a green card using an E2 visa. Furthermore, you may also consult your nearest Foreign Department to fully understand the process of getting a permanent resident card.


A green card allows an alien to stay legally in the country even though the visa is expired. The E2 visa holders often obtain a permanent resident card due to their investment’s success. Thus, to end their worries regarding their visa validity, they can use the four specified ways to have a green card. It is best to consider contacting the foreign department in the country to have a more convenient way.