Effective Ways of Stress Management

Stress is a term subject to varying definitions, but in all its interpretations, force is not absent. It could be defined as a force, external, applied to the body that causes a ripple effect on the insides of a person. It could also be a mental and/or emotional pressure suffered by a person. Life exposes individuals to a number of factors that can affect their overall wellbeing if not properly handled. One of the extreme products of stress is depression and thus the need for stress to be measured, analyzed and managed cannot be overemphasized. The Art of Living Retreat Centre is filled with a team of experts very experienced and conversant with the various Stress Management methods and procedures.

Symptoms of Stress

The symptoms of stress mostly vary from person to person but below are a short list of symptoms that a majority of individuals experience:

  • Difficulty sleeping/excessive sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Aches, pains and tense muscles
  • Loss of sexual appetite/ability
  • Panic attacks
  • Headaches
  • Easily annoyed and consequent social seclusion, etc.

What is Stress Management?

Stress Management
Stress management is an embodiment of different techniques, mostly psychotherapeutic, geared at helping individuals control and manages stress to better improve their productivity. The Art of Living Retreat Centre has the necessary tools and expertise to deliver first class Stress Management Sessions. Stress management could be done through;

  • The help of health professionals.
  • Self-help using recommended methods

How to Effectively Manage Stress

Talk to a professional: Talking to a professional is the number one step in your successful stress management journey. You will receive useful advice on the most effective ways of managing stress. The Art of Living Retreat Centre has enough qualified professionals to help you through the process. Not only do our professionals advise, but they also avail you their time for unlimited one on one consultations for the duration of the program.

Come to terms with how your stress works: As was stated earlier, this varies from person to person, thus the need to understand how your stress works. A proper understanding helps prepare you to manage your stress.

Identify what causes you stress: This is the next crucial stage to succeeding at stress management. What triggers stress in you could vary from work, family, and friends to a thousand other factors.

Recognize the signals and identify your strategies for relief: As is the norm, the signals you get would differ from that of another individual. You could experience aches in your head or stomach panic attacks, etc. Also, identify the first thing you do when the stress kicks in. The reason is that over the years, you might have developed unhealthy habits as your escape from stress.

If indeed you have accumulated bad habits, you would have to work towards dropping them and adopting new healthy habits.

Learn to relax and meditate: It is essential that you learn to acquaint yourself with and absorb the stillness of the environment. Meditate as often as you can. Visit a spa often to get massage therapy; it helps to relax the muscles.
Manage Stress
Socialize often and engage in supportive and assertive discussions: Over time, it has been recorded that people de-stress more when they talk to a few trusted friends about their troubles. The support gotten from these discussions tend to push depression farther away. Attending comedy shows or any gathering that will likely cause laughter also does wonders for the body.

Take care of yourself; it’s necessary to put you first: Selfish as you may think it sounds, it’s a necessary process to manage stress effectively. What good are you to anyone if you don’t have a sound mind? Exercise often, eat healthily, and get rest as often as you can. Hang out, have a little fun. Take care of you!

Follow the instructions from the health professional and ask for assistance when necessary:


Whatever you are going through is not alien to our experts at The Art of Living Retreat Centre. We know more, we know better.