Dario Item at the Festa della Repubblica Italiana in Madrid

By arya

Among the various commitments involving Dario Item, the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda in Spain, the Principality of Monaco and Liechtenstein, there was  the Festa della Repubblica Italiana in Madrid, too.

Invited by the Italian Ambassador to Spain, Stefano Sannino, and his husband, Santiago Mondragòn, Dario Item participated on May 30 at the reception of the Festa della Repubblica Italiana, which was held at the Italian Embassy in Madrid.
The party began at 8 p.m. The embassy gardens were illuminated by italian tricolour lights.

The event was attended by more than 2,000 guests, including personalities from the world of culture, politics and economics, both Spanish and Italian, including the Ministers of Agriculture and Economy and Entrepreneurship, the President of the Congress of Deputies and a large representation of the diplomatic corps.

Italian Republic Day

The Festa della Repubblica Italiana was established to celebrate the birth of the Italian Republic and is celebrated every year on June 2. In Rome, the official ceremony to celebrate this commemorative day opens with the solemn raising of the flag at the “Vittoriano” and with the homage, by the President of the Republic, to the Unknown Soldier.

In front of the highest offices of the state, the President of the Republic places a laurel wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, while the hymn of Mameli echoes and the “Frecce Tricolori” (literally the “Tricolour Arrows”), the Italian flight display team, fly in the sky.

Celebrations in Madrid: Dario Item meets Stefano Sannino, ambassador of Italy to Spain

The Festa della Repubblica Italiana is also celebrated in Spain, more precisely in Madrid. Every year the Italian ambassador organizes a commemorative event in order to commemorate the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946 and to raise awareness of the Belpaese.

This event is attended by all members of the Spanish parliamentary monarchy, as well as the ambassadors in Spain of the different states, including this year even Ambassador Dario Item.

Stefano Sannino organized the event in Madrid, dedicated this year to the Campania Region. A 59-year-old native of Portici, he has been the Ambassador of Italy to Spain and Andorra since 21 March 2016. He speaks three languages, Italian, English and Spanish and has held various political positions. In 2002 he joined the European Commission as a diplomat to President Romano Prodi.

The Italian Ambassador Sannino, during the Festa della Repubblica Italiana in Madrid, stressed the precious and exemplary relationship between Italy and Spain highlighting the importance of manteining the cooperation formed based on “countless material and immaterial, rational and emotional ties”.

He also said that such an important relationship between the two states could not be threatened by any political condition.

The symbol of this relationship is undoubtedly, as the Italian Head of Mission Sannino pointed out, the installation at the entrance of the garden. It is a project that involved young Italian designers who live and work in Spain.

Sannino also showed his interest in transforming the Italian Embassy into a “space open to society” and especially to young people, to create dialogue and inclusion. A space, therefore, of interaction without inequalities.