Best Oval Face Hairstyles For Women’s

By arya

Do you have an oval face? You’re in good company. Check out these beauties for hair style inspiration…

An oval face is longer than it is wide (by about half again), with not much jutting definition around the cheekbones and a slightly wider forehead than chin.

Don’t fear if you think you fit that bill, it is apparently the ‘perfect’ face shape and is the most versatile when it comes to pulling off a whole host of different hair looks.

Many of the women who frequently rank high on the ‘most beautiful’ lists have oval faces. Think Eva Mendes, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba. See, you’re in good company.

Though those brown-haired beauties usually tend to opt for long tumbling styles, there are so many other things you can consider when trying to find the perfect hairstyles for oval faces.

Take top model Jordan Dunn as an example. The stunning star is often seen looking totally amazing with sexy slicked-back locks on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, gorgeous Brit girls Alexa Chung and Emma Watson love to champion shorter, choppier layers. They both nail this lovely low-key style, of course.

Anne Hathaway is one VIP who’s not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone – the oval-faced actress has been seen sporting a bold yet beautiful bleach blonde pixie crop.

We applaud your bravery, Anne.

Looking for a quick way to alter your appearance? Poppy Delevingne’s A-line side-fringe and messy curls are perfect for adding shape to an oval face, especially around the cheekbones.  And as proved by Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé Knowles, even soft straight curtains can work on an oval face if you inject a little volume in the top. Otherwise, you risk dragging the face downwards and making it look longer.  Want to see what other celebrity looks we’re loving right now? To give you a little inspiration, we’ve pieced together an edit of the best hairstyles for oval faces.

Prepare to be impressed?

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