Are your Windows Winter-Ready?

As the temperatures drop and the snow builds up, winter can reveal some uncomfortable facts about the state your house is in. Winter is tough on even the most well constructed homes, and it is critical to keep track of how your house responds to the stresses that come with cold weather and snow.

Windows, doors, and other apertures where your thermal envelope is directly exposed to outside conditions are particularly prone to issues. This is why it is important to keep an eye open for these four key signs your windows should be replaced this winter. If your windows aren’t winter ready, you may need to replace them before spring.

1.A Build-Up of Excess Condensation

Window condensation is a common issue in winter, and it has many potential causes. But excess condensation can cause serious damage to window frames, and is a sure sign that your windows are no longer operating as they should.

If you notice water pooling on your sills every morning, or if your windows are showing signs of ice build up inside, then you need to replace them as soon as possible. These windows are not only leaking huge amounts of heat and driving up your energy bill, they may also be causing damage to the rest of the wall.

2.Snow Between Panes

If there is snow between your windowpanes, you know you have a problem. Snow between panes is a sure sign that the air seal between the layers of class has been punctured and is no longer providing the thermal barrier it should. The only way to fix this issue is by having the entire window replaced, as installing new panes and creating a new air seal will be uneconomical and costly.

3.Windows are Difficult to Open or Close

This is generally a problem that affects older houses where window frames have shifted and warped over time. While windows that are difficult to open and close can be frustrating, they are also a sign that much more serious problems are coming, like drafts and insulation gaps.

If your old windows have warped and shifted in their frames, you may need to do more than simply replace them — the entire frame may need work. For this reason, it is best to hire an experienced service provider like EcoTech Windows and Doors Toronto to install replacements.

4.Leaks and Cracks in the Frame

During fine summer weather, it can be easy to miss air leaks caused by cracks in windows or window frames. But once the cold weather arrives, these leaks have a way of making themselves felt very quickly. Not only do these kinds of leaks make your home colder and less comfortable, they also reduce the overall efficiency of your home.

Every winter, homeowners across the country become aware of all sorts of issues with their houses that they were able to ignore over the summer. While these revelations are rarely welcome, the good news is that you don’t need to wait until spring to fix them.

If you have noticed any of these tell-tale signs of window degradation this season, get in touch with a window replacement services provider and have new windows installed as soon as possible.