60s Hairstyles For Women’s To Looks Iconically Beautiful

The beehive, the buffet top, the mop heads, the hippie haircut, the dipped bob-cut hairstyle and so many more were the stylish and trendy hairstyles of this era. The year of the 1960’s was a time that witnessed a lot of new styles that emerged from the reminiscent style of the preceding genres. Also, the ’60s was a time that witnessed the sensation not Barbie doll for the first time, so the hairstyles of this era too had a very clean, neat and doll-like beauty styled in the haircut. Following are some very pretty hairstyle of this age that can make any woman look indeed iconically beautiful.

60s Hairstyles

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The hairstyle seen in the picture was one of the most popular styles ever. This was one style that till date hold the charm and elegance. As this style represented annera the vintage appeal never ceased to fail.

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This curvy curly hairstyle has a very fresh vibe to it. One can pair this style easily with earrings and large hoops to get a retro feel to the look. Also, hairstyles like this can be indeed smart to flaunt in any parties or events.

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The mop-top hairstyle was yet again a very popular style in the early 1960s. Also, such hairstyles are a perfect one when you are all set to be the show-stealer. The top part of this hairstyle is the USP of this look.

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The plain Bob hairstyle is a timeless piece of style that will probably never be old enough to weave its magic. With a nice a cute hat you can make the Bob cut to look a very intense and sensuous style statement.

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The flip Bob with tapered curls is a short, sweet style that is beast and exuberates a disciplined vibe. It is smart and often seen in silver screen characters enacting anybody from a disciplinary profession like a warden or a principal.

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The top now retro hairstyle is an all-time favorite when it comes to featuring hairstyle of a bygone era. This has style is an enigmatic one.

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A retro party look can be completely taken on your stride with this hairstyle to compliment the look. The hairstyle is a very unique and pretty one where the bow to tie the beehive hairstyle adds to the glamour quotient of the look.

60s Hairstyles

The look has a great feel and appeal. The upper portion has a pushed and puffed style that can be added with a buffet cramp in between the hair and then flipped for that smooth appeal. A hand band would just make the look more appropriate and appealing.

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The back pinned style is yet a smart and sassy option in this list that has the vibe of the 1960s and most importantly, it is just way too easy to style. So with the dual benefit of ease and grace, this one is a sure try on.


This style is also a very elegant one. The back of the hair has a lot of volumes which balanced by the short and sleek pony.

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