Top 4 Unique DIY Wedding Cake Ideas

By arya

A wedding party is a fantastic way to commemorate your marriage with your family and friends together to share memorable moments. A wedding is a ceremony in which two people unites in marriage. It is a memorable moment in life with different customs and cultures. In wedding ceremonies couple involves in the marriage vows, presentation of gifts like flowers and rings as symbolic items with each other. A wedding cake cutting ceremony is also an essential part of the celebration. The wedding celebration is incomplete without a unique designer delicious cake. The presentation of beautiful wedding cake help to make a remarkable wedding celebration.

Wedding cakes are the main attraction of this memorable occasion. Designer cakes can be quite expensive and decorated with some fantastic ingredients. You can decorate the wedding cake with some creative ideas.Here are some unique wedding cake ideas to inspire the new couple.

Decorate with colorful flowers:

Decorate with colorful flowers
Flowers are used for the ornamentation purpose for different celebrations. Everyone like flowers and love to see the floral designs on the memorable occasions. You can decorate the cake with edible fruit cream flowers. If you have a skill of decorating, then you can make some floral designs with fruit leather and baking sheets at home. You can apply fondant icing to make the smooth surface on the cake. Then decorate it with colored fruit cream flowers that you made. You can design the cake with different shaped flowers on the cake. The beautiful flowers design on the cake help to make it attractive for the wedding celebration. A floral designer cake looks fantastic for the wedding party.

Rose design wedding cake:

Rose design wedding cake
A rose designer cake is unique to make your wedding party extra special. First, you can choose the best flavor for the cake. The main design on a cake comes with the rose frosting around the cake. You can use white or buttercream frosting for the rose design on the cake. The rose frosting looks perfect in red and pink color for the wedding party. After choosing the rose color, complete your cake with rose frosting. You will need a lot of icing to make all the rose design on the cake. You also have to show patience while moving frosting applicator tip to design roses on the cake. You can also make the cake in a heart shape for giving a romantic feeling of the day.

Design with butterfly fondant:

Design with butterfly fondant
A big and attractive cake is the best choice for the wedding party. You can apply some baking skills to design the beautiful butterfly cake. The cake should be three to five tiers for this unique butterfly design. Fondant icing is perfect to make it smooth and a designer surface on the cake. The cake looks amazing when decorated with lovely frosting butterflies. You can prepare the cake with delicious flavors and ingredients. Then cover the entire cake with the white fondant icing. You can also surprise the wedding couple by ordering this butterfly fondant cake from online cake delivery platforms for the celebration.

Design with couple topper:

Design with couple topper
The wedding cake can be on the unique theme for the wedding couple. You can show your creativity to design the cake according to the particular theme of the celebration. The first task is to prepare the cake in perfect shape and size. You can cover with fondant or frosting all sides of the cake. The colored frosting is used to design the couple toy shape on the cake. You can design with couple name the top of the cake. The beautiful couple topper cake is great to express the unique feeling of the wedding celebration.