5 Things You’ll Love About Employee Scheduling Software

By arya

Although it’s often called “employee scheduling software,” these cloud-based appsactually do way more than just create great schedules quickly. Let’s look at five of the other invaluable functions this software will bring to your restaurant.

Effortless Labour Compliance

Employee scheduling software makes it incredibly easy for restaurants to comply with labour laws. Managers get a notification when they’re making a schedule that will place any employee in daily or weekly overtime, and they receive an alert when a staff member is at risk of accruing overtime hours. This will save your business money and help preserve your employees’ work-life balance.

Restaurant scheduling software also helps prevent your employees from fatigue by ensuring compliance with mandatory breaks. The software sends an alert in real-time when an employee is at risk of not taking an enforced break.

Employee scheduling software also makes it easy to receive alerts that will avoid “clopenings,” that problematic situation where an employee is scheduled to close the restaurant late at night, and then open it only a few hours later the next morning. New apps such as 7shifts staff scheduling software don’t merely create a schedule: it effortlessly and dynamically juggles all the pieces involved in making sure your restaurant is always properly staffed, in a way that will reduce operating costs and keep your staff fresh and happy.

Work Logs

Restaurant scheduling software makes it easy for managers to keep notes, important shift details, and follow-up tasks all together in one place. Because it’s cloud-based and on their phone it can’t get lost, and there’s continual access to it from any device.

There’s a turnkey solution you can use to track general things like total sales, labour costs, and weather (which is important, if you have a patio). But you can also customize it to track the particular needs of your restaurant.

Easy Punch In

Employee scheduling software also serves as a secure time-clocking punch pad. The app can then convert the data gathered from this process, and provide managers with key insights about sales, budget, staff attendance and more.

To prevent errors and accidents, the time-clock can be programmed to automatically sign employees out of their shift if they have not done so by a certain time.

Tip Tracking

Restaurant scheduling software also has a feature which allows staff to input how much they received in tips upon clocking out. This information is used by the app to generate reports identifying who are the superstar employees and which are the restaurant’s peak hours.

Shift Swapping

Everybody will love this feature, which makes it easy for staff to trade shifts and for managers to know that they have the right head count. Simple to use push notifications get the job done efficiently, instead of confusing email threads. These apps are designed to be very intuitive, so they don’t take any training to learn how to use. They don’t just simplify processes; they do so with extreme ease.

Clearly, there is more to restaurant scheduling software than quickly produced schedules. No wonder this technology has become a vital part of the operations of so many restaurants across North America.