4 Ways To Do Zero Waste Laundry

By arya

Thinking of going zero waste but not knowing where to start from? It is pretty simple, you know and everyone can do it! Going zero waste is not that hard especially when you have a whole range of one zero waste store to another everywhere. We have been adding tons over tons of plastic waste to Earth and it is up to no good. Plastic is the real enemy here and if you have a little tiny corner of your heart that beats for the oceans, you are in the right place. 

It has to happen with small changes. Don’t expect yourself to become carbon neutral within a day, take it like a ride, a journey and you will enjoy slowly moving to a being almost waste free. Even making your laundry waste free can be a great start. It is pretty easy now to find zero waste solutions to your laundry problems and you can get the best laundry detergent here

Ethically Sourced

The very first thing that you need to be mindful of the fact that they were you using should be ethically sourced. Most of the time all the natural resources of our beautiful Earth are usually mishandled and misused by people for the gain of money and that is unethical sourcing. A lot of important ingredients are sold in the black market in which case the farmers and miners are not given their due share while the middle man makes a lot of profit. So it is better to always make sure that whatever you are using is ethically sourced and human beings have not been harmed or damaged in any way in the retrieval of that product.

Cruelty Free

If you are thinking of going zero waste one more thing that you need to worry about is that your product should be cruelty free. The only way to find that out is if the product packaging clearly declares that it has been cruelty free and no animals have been harmed. Cruelty to animals is no solution to selling one’s products and if a company is doing that, they are not the most ethically right.

Non Toxic

 Oftentimes many laundry products are termed as non toxic but they actually contain a lot of toxic ingredients. You do not need that for yourself. So you need to be really mindful of the fact that you are not adding toxicity into your life just because you are going green. You need to read the labels of the product you are buying really carefully and do a little bit of thoughtful shopping when you are out and about.

Perfectly Packaged

The best part about a good laundry detergent that is zero waste is also the packaging. it may not seem like the most important thing that it is actually one of the most key factors in going zero waste. Always go for the packaging that is biodegradable or made with eco friendly products. A thoughtful zero waste company will definitely keep something like this in mind and you will not have to struggle to find such products in zero waste stores near you.