3 Tips on What You Should Wear to Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

By arya

There are many reasons that you would go in for a plastic surgery consultation. You might be looking to improve a certain aspect of your appearance, receive liposuction or another bariatric procedure, or cover up a scar from a medical procedure. Whatever your reason for visiting the surgeon, it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Loose fitting, comfortable clothes

Although your trip to the plastic surgeon likely has something to do with improving your current appearance, there’s really no need to dress to impress here. Tight-fitting, trendy clothing will likely make the examination more difficult.

Most of the time, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing like sweats or jeans and a t-shirt are best because they’re easy to remove for the examination and put back on afterwards. In some cases, these comfortable clothes will make it so that you can have your examination without putting on a hospital gown. However, if you show up in tight-fitting or layered clothing, you’ll no doubt be asked to put on a hospital gown.

If you still want to dress up for your consultation because it feels uncomfortable to dress down, you might throw on your favorite pink dress, which shows off your feminine side while also making it easy for the surgeon to examine you. It’s easy to put on and take off, yet highly attractive.

Additionally, avoid anything with difficult or awkward closures, such as a dress with a zipper in the back, long-laced boots, a corset, bodysuits, or anything else that’s hard to take off. You’ll almost definitely be asked to remove these articles, and you won’t have any assistance in doing it.

Modest undergarments

No matter the reason you’re visiting a plastic surgeon, it’s likely that you’ll be more exposed than you’re used to. You’ll likely be asked to put on a hospital gown and depending on the treatment area, the doctor may need to examine the areas underneath it.

To make you feel more comfortable, wear modest underwear. Sports bras are advisable as are brief-style panties. If you’re getting liposuction, for example, this will cover parts of your body that the doctor doesn’t need to look at, making the entire experience more comfortable for you.

Of course, if you’re visiting a surgeon for a procedure like breast augmentation or reduction, a sports bra may not be the best choice. However, if you’re intimidated by the examination, you can still wear a conservative bra until you’re asked to remove it for the examination.

Warm clothing

It seems that all doctor’s offices are a bit chilly. The tile floors, sterile surfaces, and white walls feel cold not only figuratively, but literally. These surfaces don’t hold heat as well as softer surfaces, so the temperature will likely be below your comfort level. So, if you’re asked to put on the hospital gown for your examination, you’ll probably be freezing!

The gown will be thin and have gaps where it might feel uncomfortable. It will probably feel drafty. Make sure you have a jacket or sweater on hand that you can wear in between the examinations. You can also drape it across your legs so that you can stay warm and comfortable.

Whether you’re asked to change into a gown or you have to take your shoes off for any reason, you’ll also be grateful you put on a pair of warm, comfortable socks that morning. Your feet are vents for body heat, and if you don’t wear socks, you’ll lose a lot of that heat, making you colder. Cold only adds to your discomfort level during the examination, so make sure you remove this obstacle.