10 Valentine DIY Gifts For Boyfriend Which Makes Him AWW..

By arya

Looking for homemade boyfriend gift ideas to make your man smile? What better way to demonstrate your affection than by making your boyfriend a homemade gift.

Guys are way more sentimental than we give them credit and they’ll love that you’ve gone to all that effort just for them!

Valentine DIY Gifts For Boyfriend

Reasons I Love You” Cards Tutorial

The reasons are countless, but an abridged list makes a more manageable gift for Valentine’s Day. Turn a deck of playing cards into the most unique gift your valentine has ever received.


Love Notes

Whisper (or, in this case, write down) sweet nothings to your significant other. This handmade felt notebook opens up into the shape of a heart. It’s a darling gift for Valentine’s Day, or any romantic occasion.


DIY Project Valentine Light Bulb

Your light bulbs may burn out, but your love will last forever. Tell the light of your life how much he means with this DIY valentine light bulb decoration. Turn a boring household accessory into a sweet gift he’ll adore.


Making Memory Candles

Display your favorite photos in a whole new way. Using see-through contact paper and black and white versions of your favorite photos, turn a set of plain candle holders into a romantic gift that displays your favorite moments forever.


Meringue Message Cones

Delicious (and adorable) meringue message cones put a unique spin on the idea of fortune cookies. Each delectable treat hides a surprise inside-a romantic message for your sweetheart.


Seven Days Of Love

Your spouse may claim to not like surprises, but he’s sure to love this one. Fill a seven-day pill box with tiny treats and surprises, plus a special message for each day. Use a pre-made printable for the note, or use your own creative design and message.


I Love You Because…

Your favorite photo frame, a darling pre-made print, and a dry-erase marker become an easy and romantic DIY project your loved one will cherish. Personalize your message for Valentine’s Day, and change it whenever and however your heart desires.


Candle in a Bottle

Turn a used book and an old glass bottle into a romantic gift. Use it to tell your special someone what they mean to you, and then let the soft candlelight set the mood all year.


DIY Pie in a Jar Treats

Give the cupcakes and chocolates a rest, and opt for pie instead. Even better, this DIY pie in a jar recipe makes a sweet and romantic gift that’s as fun to make as it is to enjoy (with your special someone, of course).


Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle is a romantic gift for any special occasion. He’ll appreciate the sweet sentiment, and he’ll also love that his special message is part of a keychain-something he’ll be glad to use for years to come.


For My Sweetheart, a diy Valentine’s Pillowbox

Candy makes the perfect gift for a romantic occasion. You can make it even better by packaging it in a lovingly hand-made Valentine’s Day pillowbox.


Pixel Heart Necklace

This adorable DIY gift is pixel perfect for the valentine who’s into the old 8-bit games and 80s style revival. Several layers of red, pixelated heart-shaped paper are glued together to make this simple yet romantic pendant.