10 Outfit Ideas for a Themed Costume Party

Costume parties are some of the most fun and memorable parties, but they can also be some of the most stressful parties. It’s difficult to come up with a Halloween costume that’s going to wow party-goers. You want to be edgy and creative, but you’re horrified of someone saying, “what are you supposed to be?”

Do not fear! Here are a few great costume ideas that you can wear to your next costume party. These costume ideas range from all-out to casual so you’ll have some options on how to dress. Even if you don’t want to dress in these exact costumes, hopefully they’ll help jog your creativity a little bit.


A onesie is one of the best men’s Halloween costumes for two reasons. First, it’s extremely comfortable and easy to put on. While all the half-naked ladies will be shivering all night long, you’ll be nice and warm and snuggly inside your onesie. It’s also a good costume because onesies come in so many different styles nowadays. It’s fun to see how many different designs there are.

Gunslingers and Soiled Doves

The “western look” might sound a little childish or country music festival-ish, but not if you do it well. Go for the “Victorian Gentleman” look and sport a handsome vest, complete with pocket watch, cravat (old-fashioned tie), and hat. What’s cool about this look is that it looks dapper, but it’s obviously still a costume.

If you have a lady counterpart, she can get herself a “saloon girl” dress and play the part of a lady of ill fame. Give her a gun holster for good measure.

Group Costumes

If you’re going to the party as part of a group, you should get everyone in your party to dress up in the same themed attire. Did you and your best friends grow up playing Lord of the Rings? Here’s your chance to recreate the Fellowship—each person should dress as one of the members. Your gang could also dress up as Harry Potter characters, Star Wars characters, or the superpowered family from The Incredibles.

If you’re a lady and you’re going out with a few lady friends, you should all dress like Mean Girls (just don’t actually be mean to anyone at the party).

The Casual Wizard

Harry Potter is still just as popular as ever. If you’re looking for a very casual Halloween costume, consider dressing up as one of the students at Hogwarts School. No, you don’t have to wear a full-on robe (robes can be annoying because they catch onto everything). Instead, don of the house sweaters that the students wear. It’s simple, but themed, and it’s fun to rep your fictional house letters (Hufflepuff pride, man).

A Celebrity

Celebrities make great costumes because lots of celebrities dress pretty outrageously as it is. Try and dress as a reality TV star, singer, or influencer, because they always rock the weirdest fashion trends and have the most distinct styles.


Years ago, you might’ve gotten beat up if you dressed as a superhero anywhere. But nowadays it’s totally mainstream, and it’s fun to see different cosplay interpretations of Batman, and the Avengers, and all those great comic book characters. A superhero is still a mighty fine costume choice for a party.


This is cliché, but maybe it’s so cliché that you forgot about it. To dress as a cat, you only need to add a headband that has cat ears, and then you draw a nose and cat whiskers on your face. Ladies love this costume because it’s simple, cute, and comfortable, and there’s something about a cat that exudes a certain amount of confidence and snark. If you’re a dude, I highly recommend you dress up as the Rum Tum Tugger.

Barney the Dinosaur, with Bloody Teeth and a Severed Human Arm
Do it.

Doctor or Nurse

If you’re going as a heterosexual couple and you’re both social justice warriors, mix things up by having the dude dress as the nurse and the lady dress as the doctor. To heck with gender roles, man.

Plug and Socket

If you’re going as a couple, dress up as an electrical plug and socket. It’s a popular costume and it makes for a cute photo.

Hopefully that jogged your creativity! Whether you’re going to a Halloween costume party or a “just because” costume party, make sure you dress as something that you truly want to dress as—it’s more fun that way.