Why Getting a Backpack Leaf Blower For Your Yard is such a Smart Investment

If you have a 50 square foot garden, chances are you can get rid of the leaves with nothing but a classic rake and a bin bag. However, when it comes to larger yards, gardens and driveways, you might want to invest in an actual tool or you will end up wasting days breaking your back. Most professionals opt for the backpack leaf blower, rather than a vacuum or other tools. Now, what makes this tool so efficient and why should you invest in one?

Backpack Leaf Blowers Versus Other Blowers

A classic blower might be larger and more efficient, but the rapport for effort and efficiency cannot beat a backpack leaf blower. Think about it – it is way larger. Also, you cannot keep it anywhere – it is not like you push it around on wheels. Give yourself half an hour of moving it around and your arms will be dead.

On the other hand, you also have the small option of the spectrum – handheld blowers. They are excellent for tiny yards or perhaps patios. They usually run with cords, so you cannot get too far away. Even if you get a cordless model, its battery will probably keep you going for around half an hour.

The backpack leaf blower is the middle option. It is large enough to tackle big projects, but it will also run for a long time without putting any strain on your arm. Of course, you will carry it around your back, so you might still feel some strain on the lower back, but at the end of the day, it provides the best ratio for effort and efficiency. We highly recommend you to check out the husqvarna 150bt!

Convenience First

A backpack leaf blower is as close as you can get to a hands free tool. The actual unit is carried on your back and shoulders, so you only need to hold the actual pipe blowing leaves away. You can use the other hand to hold a bin bag or just pick up small things from corners. You do not have to put it down and pick it up every few minutes, so it represents the most convenient option on the market.

Essential Power

Power is flawless in backpack leaf blowers. Some people opt for vacuums instead because they gather leaves automatically as they go. It sounds like a good choice, but the truth is they are not so efficient. First of all, they are large and clunky. Second, the vacuuming power is nothing compares to the blowing power.

You would soon realize that you would still have to bend over and pick up wet leaves off the ground, not to mention the ones stuck to it. This problem is more common on asphalted areas, such as driveways.


Finally, you have more options, depending on your needs – gas powered backpack leaf blowers (powerful and noisy), cordless blowers (cordless but with limited battery) and corded blowers (unlimited use but limited range).


In the end, there are no doubts about it – backpack leaf blowers can and will blow your mind once you get one. There is simply no better tool to keep your garden tidy during the fall season.