Do E-Liquids Pose a Threat to the Tobacco Market?

E-liquids are here to stay. This alternative to tobacco has really been embraced, especially in Europe and in the States. However, this is not a good sign for the tobacco market. With many users drifting towards vapes, it is obvious now why the tobacco market is not doing as well as it used to before the emergence of these alternatives.

Consumers of these brands have a whole subculture around it. They are willing to spend a lot of money to ensure that their experience is up to date. Various factors contribute to this danger that threatens to shake the tobacco industry.

1. Legislation

The legislation is involved in regulating how these products are packaged. The packaging also entails how they are displayed. It has contributed to price hikes. This has thus affected their popularity and their accessibility to consumers. When you add this to the fact that more research has been done on the alternate e-liquids, you can see why the migration towards e-cigarettes is inevitable. The health bodies governing the use of these alternatives have voiced their support. E-liquids are also comparatively safer than their counterparts. Many countries all over the world have hiked the prices of loose tobacco and cigarettes to reduce their accessibility. This, in turn, has encouraged a switch to vape, as a good step towards quitting as it is an alternative that is safer for you.

2. Health

Studies carried out by the World Health Program show that the world still has more than a billion smokers. However, when you are more educated, and more research is put into showing you the effects of tobacco, you will become more motivated to quit the dangerous habit. Products that contain tobacco kill millions of people each year, including those who do not use them. Secondhand smoke is a great contributor to these deaths. The smoke contains dozens of toxic chemicals that are known to cause different forms of cancer. On the other hand, vapes are significantly safer to use than cigarettes. Secondhand smoke from them doesn’t have any adverse effects on you either.

The impact on the tobacco market.

Big manufacturers have generally witnessed that in a short period, there has been a slowdown in the consumption by you who are from the younger generations. This can be attributed to your interest in what products like these do to your health. Legislation has also made it harder for the industry to appeal to a new market increasing costs. E-liquids have received better acceptance from you because they are available in more varieties, have different amounts of strength, are more affordable and finally, contain no carcinogens like those found in tobacco.

They have also proven to be the most successful way of quitting the smoking habit. In years to come, there shall be a decline in the use of tobacco as people seek harmless alternatives. We are already starting to see the results of their availability in the market.