Chamonix Ski Courses for The Whole Family

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (or Chamonix for short) is a famousresort area in the intersection point of three countries: France, Switzerland, and Italy. Chamonix is known for its world-renowned skiing at the base of Mont Blanc -the highest summit in the French Alps.

Seeing that the first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, it makes sense that Chamonix is the winter sports enthusiasts’ dream destination. Most of us do not live in ski resort towns so we have to travel to ski. Chamonix, with its rich beauty, is the perfectchoice of destination.

If you are a beginner or advanced skier looking to book ski courses while in Chamonix, here are the six types of ski courses that Freedom Snowsports offers.

1. Private Ski Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate skier, having private ski lessons and an instructor is perfect to get the individual attention. Your ski lessons are tailored to you for maximum support. If you are an intermediate or higher-level skier, the private ski lessons would be beneficial so that you can work on specific skills you want to strengthen, or if you want intense coaching.

2. Adult Group Ski Lessons

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, group lessons are a great alternative to private lessons. Also, group lessons are recommended for skiers and snowboarders who enjoy meeting new people, prefer social settings, and desire the less stringent learning environment. When you are booking group lessons,you can get along those who are on the same skill level as you.

3. Children’s Group Ski Lessons

Children are welcome to take private lessons as well. However, children group lessons allow them to socialize while learning in a safe, fun-filled, and comfortable environment. Children’s group lessons begin at six years old. This is to build on the good technique foundations of skiing and snowboarding that the children already have in a positive learning environment.

4. Weekend Group Ski Lessons

These are the same as the adult group ski lessons, except that they are offered on the weekends only during non-holiday periods. The weekend group lessons are offered from ages 6 years and older. A minimum of four people is required for this to operate.

5. Off-Piste Skiing

Off-piste or out-of-are, also called Backcountry skiing, is skiing on the unmarked or unpatrolled areas that are located either inside or outside the ski resort’s boundaries. It’s suggested that when you off-piste ski, you “use a ski that is 85mm wide underfoot (or greater), and is as long as your height. Plus,avoid using short and narrow skis off-piste…”

6. Alpine Ski Touring

Weather-dependent, Alpine Ski Touring is similar to the off-piste in that it is done outside of the resort’s boundary. But then, it still takes a whole day so you’ll need to pack lunch.

The ski lessons in Chamonix don’t begin when ski season arrives, but are also offered during the autumn months. With the ski season in Chamonix beginning in early December lasting through May, depending on the snow levels, to get the perfect experience, it is best to go then. Learn from some of the best ski instructors in the world. Be able to take a little of Chamonix with you to every future ski destination!