5 Tips to Creating a Gallery Wall in Your Living Room

Gallery walls. You may have seen them on Pinterest, in home décor magazines and in Joanna Gaines’s Instagram posts and thought to yourself that you would like to try your hand at creating one. Gallery walls are one of those rare design trends that work with just about any décor style. That said, you shouldn’t just start hammering and hope that your wall looks magazine-worthy. Santa Barbara interior designer shares a few tips for making the most of your wall of art.

1.Determine Your Layout Before Getting Started

Before you start putting nails in your wall, layout the frames you plan to use ahead of time on the floor. Rearrange them until you’re satisfied with the arrangement. Pro tip: start with the larger pieces first and use the smallest ones to fill in the spaces.

2.Find a Color Theme

Most gallery walls work best when there is a cohesive color scheme throughout. Color will most likely be the main line that ties the different elements together. When selecting a color, consider the vibe of the room in which you plan to place the gallery wall.

3.Incorporate Existing Elements

Your home is not a magazine spread and therefore, it will have annoying elements around which you must work. Get creative and use those elements as part of your design. For instance, work artwork around your television to make the bulky electronic look front-page ready.

4.Use Disparate Pieces

If you’re too liberal with your gallery wall, you risk creating a disaster of an accent wall. However, if you’re too tame with your artwork, you may be left with an uninspired finished product. Use unconventional pieces deliberately and sparingly to create a visually appealing look.

5.Use Other Surfaces

Your gallery wall doesn’t have to be just a wall – it can incorporate furniture and the items that sit on those pieces. For instance, if you have built-in shelves along the lower half of your room, design a gallery wall above that and use vases, lamps, statues and other accents to bring the wall together.

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