Composite Decking Maintenance Tips

When you’re ready to install composite decking you may be thinking about how good it’s going to look and how you’re going to enjoy it. Whether you’re planning to purchase your new decking from or another website, you can be sure that it will last years and make a great addition to your garden.

Have you considered how you’re going to maintain your new decking? While composite decking needs a lot less care than wood decking, for example, it still needs to be looked after. Below you will find a few hints and tips that will keep your decking looking good for many years to come:

Cleaning Away the Dirt

Any deck that is exposed to the elements will be susceptible to dirt and grime. Cleaning away the dirt using a garden hose should be sufficient, but you may also want to use a pressure washer if it’s particularly bad. To protect your decking please make sure you use a hose or pressure washer that has less than 1,000 psi. If your decking is dirty and you’d rather not use a pressure washer you may want to use a deck cleaner that will not harm the boards.

If you’re not sure how much pressure your hose or pressure washer contains you may want to think about using a watering can instead and brushing the dirt away afterwards.

Getting Rid of Oil and Grease Stains

If you use a BBQ on your decking, chances are a few oil and grease stains will accumulate after a while. Hot grease and oil can potentially damage your decking so it’s important you avoid spillages in the first place. Use a degreasing agent to clean up the stains as soon as possible. Once you have used the degreasing agent you should rinse the affected area with water, making sure there is no oil or grease remaining.

Getting Rid of Rust

If you place metallic furniture on your nice new decking after a while you may spot a few rust stains. This is nothing to worry about and the rust will not harm your decking if you clean it off quickly.

To avoid rust appearing on your decking on the first place you should consider adding plastic tips or vinyl tips to the bottom of the table and chairs if you can. If you have rust stains on your deck use a deck cleaner that contains either phosphoric acid or oxalic acid. These cleaners will remove the rust stains whilst also protecting your decking.

Mildew and Mould

Mildew and mould may build up on your decking after a while. The good news is that it’s easy to get rid of any mould or mildew as long as you rinse your deck regularly using a garden hose. If your decking has a lot of mould and mildew you may want to use a cleaning agent that contains sodium hypochlorite. Make sure that you rinse the decking properly so there are no signs of mould or mildew left.

Suntan Lotion

If you plan to sun yourself on your nice new decking you may risk spilling suntan lotion on it. The good news is that if suntan lotion is spilt on your decking it will not stain if it’s cleaned up right away. You can, however, use a mild degreaser to clean up suntan lotion that has been there a while. Just make sure you rinse the degreaser away properly once the lotion has been cleaned up.

Sweeping Up

One of the best ways for you to keep your composite decking maintained is to sweep up any leaves or bits of dirt you come across. A quick sweep once a week will help you keep your decking nice and clean. If you have a lot of trees in your garden or around your home you may want to think about sweeping a few times a week during the autumn.

Cleaning up Debris

From time to time a bit of debris may make its way into the gaps between the decking boards and the edge of your decking. You can dislodge any debris and dirt by using a broom in the gaps. Alternatively, you could always use soap and water along with a scrubbing brush. Make sure that when you scrub or sweep the dirt away you scrub in the direction of the pattern.

Composite decks are typically very easy to maintain and they require a lot less maintenance than decking made from wood, for example. An occasional brush should get rid of most of the dirt and debris but you may need to use the odd degreasing agent now and again if you spill anything on the deck. Look after your nice new composite decking and it will be in great condition for many years to come.