5 Home Decoration Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

By arya

Apartments, as well as small houses, have their own upsides, for example, the rent is lower, and the maintenance cost is low as well. Small houses are often close to the bustling town markets proximity wise. The best part of it is that they have their own charm and a particular sense of warmth.

Make sure to focus on the design more than the functionality. Decorate your tiny house or apartment in the way that it looks more stylish. Here we have compiled a list of some amazing home decoration ideas for small homes as well as apartments.

Divide the Space Carefully

Ever thought why studio apartments appear more prominent and more open? Because they are designed smartly! When there is limited space to keep everything, it often seems messy, and it may look overwhelming to the eyes. Hence, define separate areas for everything and make sure to leave open spaces between them.

Pick a Particular Theme

Picking a theme is crucial when decorating any space. It makes the decoration easier for you when you are following a specific pattern. When decorating smaller spaces, be it your home, apartment or even your bedroom, go for the lighter hues. Choose a pastel theme or just go all white. Lighter shades will make your space appear bigger and more open.

Bonus tip: You can add mirrors to every alternate wall. Mirrors have the ability to reflect light; hence, they can make even the smallest space appear more significant. Also, mirrors can add a contemporary touch to your home.

Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture

This is one great as well as a cost-effective method to decorate your home. Remember that every inch counts when you begin to decorate a small space. So purchasing the furniture pieces that work the dual way is a sensible thing to do.

Start with your bedroom; choose the furniture pieces that are multi-purpose. For example, a trundle bed (you can fold it down and make it a sofa when it is not in use), an ottoman (it can be used to store things as well) and a sofa cum bed (that can be a couch as well as a mattress when needed).

Furthermore, when purchasing the furniture for your home, make sure not to buy pieces that are too heavy, and they need to be size-appropriate as well.

Don’t Forget About the Rugs and Floor Cushions

Rugs and floor cushions are two entirely different things, but they serve a similar purpose. They both can add warmth to your space and make it appear cozier. If your color scheme is light, you can go for the hand-knotted rugs that are darker in color or something with a bold pattern. It will add the missing pop of color to your space.

Floor cushions similarly add the final touches to any space. They can add to your comfort in a number of ways; for example, they can be used when watching a movie in the lounge when studying in the study area and more.

Vertical Storage Always Helps

When thinking of storage, you should use the space horizontally instead of vertically. When the storage space is narrow and tall, it consumes a lot less space.

You can add two identical bookshelves in the entrance of the house close to the door. It will provide you with a built-in shelf look. You can even use large and tall bookshelves as a divider to separate different spaces like a bedroom and living room.

About the Author:

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