4 Effective Fleet Managers Traits

By arya

Fleet management is among the most demanding and complex processes, especially for companies relying on more than one set of wheels to run their operations. Taxi and trucking companies, for instance, can’t functions without a significant fleet. As you strive to run a successful business with such a fleet, you need an effective fleet manager. If you are striving to become a fleet owner-operator, here are a few habits you need to adopt.

A keen eye

What is a fleet card? How can it facilitate your fleet management quests? Well, as a fleet manager, you need to include various tools to ease your endeavors. Among such solutions is a fleet card, and with the right choice, you can enhance your fleet’s fuel efficiency, control fuel and maintenance expenses, and access to real-time data that eases your budgeting. Among the top habits that every fleet manager must strive to acquire is a keen eye, allowing them to implement solutions that best suit their needs.


While change might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is inevitable. What’s more, with the ever-evolving technologies, being a change-oriented fleet manager allows you to capture the recent trends that enhance your fleets’ effectiveness. In not so long ago, for instance, in the trucking business, clients had to track their loads by sending a short message or email and wait for a reply, or make a phone call and wait for the trucking company’s customer service to update them. Today, by a click of a button, either on mobile devices or a PC, clients can track their loads from the trucking company’s website or even a mobile app. Such convenience enhances your customers’ experience and can only be realized if fleet managers are change-oriented and include the latest trends that improve their efficiency.


If you have to wait for an accident to happen or a near miss to consider safety measures, then your fleet management endeavors will only be disastrous. You need to be proactive and implement measures such as hands-free devices, cameras, and driver-monitoring devices to enhance drivers’ experience and control. Moreover, you need to routinely offer training to your employees to ensure they are up to date with the latest trends. What’s more, you could include incentives to reward the most efficient drivers and encourage the rest to keep up with the company’s policies.

Make the maintenance process painless

As you strive to keep your fleet in top shape, routine repairs and maintenance are necessary. However, if the process is complicated, your employees won’t willingly participate. With a painless scheduling, inspection, and reporting, your employees will be more willing to observe the routine, enhancing the effectiveness of your company’s policy. This, in the long-run, not only enhances your fleet’s productivity and efficiency but also helps to avoid significant concerns such as substantial repair costs and accidents due to poorly maintained vehicles.

Fleet management, though demanding, can conveniently be managed by implementing various strategies. From including cutting edge trends, signing up for an ideal fleet card, and keeping your drivers engaged, fleet managers need to adopt habits that enhance their fleets’ productivity.