What is Buchu Oil Used For?

Buchu essential oil, extracted from a shrub native to South Africa, is filled with amazing medicinal properties. Contrary to popular belief, the oil is not used for the purpose of aromatherapy but rather used in the pharmaceutical industry. The oil gets its medicinal properties from its camphor content. The oil has antiseptic properties and is also used as an insecticide in many cases.

The oil is extracted from dried leaves and is obtained through the steam distillation process. Bachu comes in two varieties – oval and round leaf. The oil should be avoided during pregnancy or by women who are breastfeeding, and also should not be used directly on the skin. It is wise to consult a medical practitioner before using Buchu oil.

Given below are the various uses of Buchu oil:

  • Infused in tea: Though this oil is not used an an essential oil in aromatherapy, it can be infused with tea. The tea can be used to treat respiratory problems and other issues like sinus, etc. It is widely used to make a wide range of medicinal teas.
  • To cure urinary infections: One of the other amazing properties of this oil is that it can be used to effectively treat urinary infections. This is because the oil has a lot of antiseptic properties that will help fight against infections of any kind. The antimicrobial nature of the oil hinders the growth of further bacteria.
  • Good for the kidney: The oil has an amazing diuretic property that makes it an ideal medicine to eliminate too much salt and toxins from the body in a natural manner. The oil is also a good medicine to prevent and cure fluid retention.
  • Helps relieve pain: Buchu oil can be used extensively to treat any type if pain in the joints, muscles and tissues. The oil is often massaged on patients suffering from arthritis, joint pain, chronic muscular pain, among others.
  • Helps treat flatulence: Another common application of this natural oil is to treat digestion related issues. Those suffering from gas formation can apply some oil to their abdomen area to experience relief. It can also be used to treat other digestive issues such as as nausea or vomiting.
  • Used as an insecticide: One of the other popular uses of the oil is as an insecticide. It can be used an an effective mosquito repellent and also to deal with common household pests and flies. You will be surprised to know that baobab essential oil is also a great and effective insect repellent.
  • To treat common cold: Those suffering from cough, cold or throat infection can use this as a natural cure. The leaves are often also used in the manufacture of ‘medicinal brandy’.
  • Used to make colognes: The oil is also used to make perfume, colognes and deodorants. In some cases, it is also used in the food processing industry to give a fruit-based flavour, often black currant.

There are other numerous medical uses of this herb-based oil such as to treat prostate, irritable bowel syndrome, blood pressure related issues, among others. It also promotes urine flow and kills germs in the urinary tract.