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English Footballer David Beckham is one of the coolest footballer in the whole world. Born on May 2 1975, David Beckham was once the heartbeat of football world and was the center of attraction of world media. This was not only because he was very talented footballer but also had looks that could turn girl crazy in minutes. David Beckham wanted to be footballer since he was a kid. However his mother and father thought that this dream was not very realistic and suggested him to go for another work. However David was very determined boy since childhood and had a belief in his dreams and himself. He joined aclub in 1986 at the age of 11 and started playing for it in 1990. He practiced football for four years. 90s was lucky for David beckham and in the starting of the decade he guided his club to memorable winning in 1992. After that he never looked back.

David Beckham debuted for national team of England in 1996. He played for his nation for 13 continuous years and played for the club Real madrid for four years. He was one of the highest paid footballer in the world. During his career as footballer he became one of the most famous personality of the world. David Beckham become more popular due to his lifestyle and his dressing sense. Moreover he was loved for his hairstyle. David Beckham tried almost every popular hairstyle. In fact he trended his own hairstyles. David Beckham tried long hairs and short hairs and he looked awesome in both.

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WORLD RIGHTS - David Beckham and Sainsbury's Chief Executive Justin King meet pupils and staff at Vaughan Primary School on a surprise visit to the school to celebrate the Millions Kids Challenge, an initiative set up by the supermarket to encourage school children to try Paralympic Sports London, UK 01/06/2012 BYLINE BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM:  REF:500 USAGE OF THIS IMAGE OR COPY WRITTEN THAT IS BASED ON THE CAPTION, IS CONDITIONAL UPON THE ACCEPTANCE OF BIG PICTURES'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS, AVAILABLE AT WWW.BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM STRICTLY NO MOBILE PHONE APPLICATION OR ‘APPS’ USE WITHOUT PRIOR AGREEMENT
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