Cool Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Men & Women

If you’ve decided that the time has come for you to get a tattoo, but are uncertain where to begin the process, this gallery of tattoo ideas for men will give you a great foundation. There are, of course, several very important decisions you should make before you ink up, because even if tattoos are no longer permanent, thanks to removal techniques, a tattoo is an investment, and should be considered carefully. Your first big decision, outside of the actual tattoo, is finding an artist who charges reasonable rates and does excellent work that fits your personal style. Ask friends, visit artist web sites and even actual studios to get a firm idea of the artist who will be right for you.

It’s vital to choose a tattoo design and color scheme that are both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing to you. If you’re uncertain what sort of design you’d like, this idea guide and others can provide a sampling of images you might find attractive. Other sources of inspiration are art galleries, art and mythology books, anthropological texts featuring body arts and crafts from other cultures, and even gardening books. Inspiration is everywhere.

Tattoo Ideas and Designs

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Tattoo Designs For Men

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