Best destinations to Visit in Europe

I have been writing on this blog for quite some time, and I never get tired of sharing interesting and useful information with you guys. That’s why I never waste an opportunity to share the content I find on the super informative INSIDR The people who work there always have interesting information and practical tips that make any trip easy to navigate. As you may already know, INSIDR is a friendly startup based in Paris. Their main objective is to make your trip as amazing as possible. They have a lot of cool articles about tons of interesting European destinations and they offer a smartphone rental service which can be useful for many aspects of your trip.

Now, I want to share several of the articles that I found awesome and that I think could be great input for your next trip idea. Check this out!

Historical Tour at Normandy

Many of you must have heard of Normandy, whether it’s from a history textbook or a tourism advertisement. Normandy is a region in the north of France which is very heavy with history. The D-day beaches are located in this region, and they have an amazing view. You can also visit several others historical sites, like the American Cemetery and Caen Memorial. Don’t miss to admire the beauty of Etretat cliff; this is one of the most magnificent views you will ever see. You can easily do a day trip to Normandy from Paris, but if you decide to stay for more, there is many choices when it comes to places to stay. There are several beautiful small towns in the Normandy region, like Bayeux, which is close to the D-Day beaches, Honfleur, or the glamourous Deauville. Read this complete itinerary to spend either 2 days or 3 days in Normandy and make sure you don’t miss any of the main attractions in Normandy.

Walk Among The Castles in Loire Valley

Loire Valley is famously known as a region with many beautiful castles, and this region is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. If you want to see the most beautiful castles in France, you should do a trip to this region! You can start at Amboise, a beautiful little village with a medieval castle. You will also find the Chapel of Saint-Hubert here, this chapel is the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb. Cheverny is another little village with a magnificent castle, Château de Cheverny. To the eastern part of Loire Valley, you can visit Tours, with their amazing castles and historical buildings, and a great place to do wine and cheese tastings. Blois, the capital of this region, also has a lot of things to see, like the Blois Cathedral, and you can try many authentic local foods here. Read this complete guide of driving and getting around the Loire Valley.

Exploring The Beauty of Brittany

Who doesn’t know the famous French crêpes? The most famous ones come from Brittany. Of course, besides crêpes, this region also has a lot of other delicious authentic foods. There are several medieval towns with a lot of treasures that you can see, like Dinan, Saint-Malo, and Cancale. And of course, you shouldn’t miss visiting Mont Saint-Michel. You can visit the abbey on this little island and get a breathtaking view from up there. Driving will be the easiest and most flexible way to travel and exploring this region, but if you don’t feel like it, you also still have several choices of public transportation that you can use to travel in Brittany. Read this article on how to travel around Brittany, and be fully prepared for your trip.

Strolling Around The Vineyards in Bordeaux

This region in the south of France is famous worldwide for its wine. So of course, on the top of the list of the things you have to do in Bordeaux is to visit the vineyards and some of the local wine producers. You can do a road trip in the Bordeaux area and visit places like Saint-Emilion and Medoc to see the vineyards and do the wine tasting if you wish to do so. Whether you spent 2 days or 3 days in Bordeaux, don’t forget to try the best foods in Bordeaux. If you still have time, visit these places just outside of Bordeaux!