Animal Halloween Makeup Ideas

By arya

And it’s that time of the year again, the time where you start to ask yourself what are you going to dress on Halloween. Did you decide already? Great! I didn’t, and for the ones of you who are in the same situation, I have a few pictures to inspire you.

Although I love horror movies and love to spend some time on Internet watching those scary makeup tutorials, I’m more a fan of cute things. This year there is a big trend to dress up like a forest animal/spirit. They seem pretty easy to make, and this Halloween I’ll release the animal inside me.

Animal Halloween Makeup Ideas

Animal Face Painting

Animal Halloween Face Makeup

Animal Inspired Halloween Makeup

Animal makeup

Animal-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Cheetah Animal Halloween Makeup

dog makeup

Forest Animal Costume

Fox Halloween

Foxy Halloween Costume

Full Zebra Makeup

Giraffe Animal Halloween Makeup

Giraffe Halloween Makeup

Halloween Animal Makeup

halloween woman black cat

Leopard Print Halloween Makeup

Leopard print inspired makeup

Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Ideas

Pretty Halloween makeup idea

Snake Halloween Makeup