70 Most Amazing Eagle Tattoo Designs

For millennia the eagle has represented empires as a symbol of formidability, prowess, and cunning. Popular in continental European heraldry we see the eagle represented on countless national flags and coats of arms. Regarded as the “King of the Sky” (in contrast to the lion’s title of “King of the Jungle”) the eagle is the kind of awe inspiring animal that has fascinated the human imagination since the dawn of time. As early as 540 BC Cyrus the Great was using the eagle as the symbol on his battle standard. The Ptolemaic rulers of ancient Egypt used the eagle as the seal of their empire. Albania translates to “Land of the Eagles” and Albanian translates simply to eagle. The ancient Romans saw the eagle as a companion animal to Jupiter, the Greek god Zeus was said to shape shift into an eagle, and the Germanic god Odin is often depicted with an eagle perched upon his shoulder. In this article we have compiled one hundred photos of impeccably well done eagle (and a few other birds) tattoos. The images below can serve as inspiration for your next tattoo or can simply expose you to some phenomenal artwork depicting the world’s most fabled avian.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

.Inspiring Eagle Tattoo Designs

40 Best Eagle Tattoo Designs

Animal Eagle Tattoos

Attacking Eagle Tattoo

Awesome Eagle Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Tribal Back Tattoo

Best Eagle Tattoo Designs and Meanings..

Best Eagle Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Best Eagle Tattoo Designs

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Best Tribal Eagle Tattoo

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Black Eagle Tattoo

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Eagle Tattoo Design

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Eagle Tattoo Gallery..

Eagle Tattoo Gallery

Eagle Tattoo Gallery‎

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Eagle Tattoo ideas

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Eagle Tattoo Meanings

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Eagle Tattoo Pictures

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Eagle Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Eagle Tattoos Designs....

Eagle Tattoos Designs

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Eagle Tattoos, Designs And Ideas

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Fantastic Eagle Tattoo Ideas..

Fantastic Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Full Lower Back Eagle tattoo

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