5 Reasons to Rent Your Own Luxury Villa than to Stay in a Hotel

Airbnb hosted stay place and luxury villas are becoming the number one alternative for luxury hotels when doing a vacation nowadays. And as time goes by, it has become easier to book for villas and private houses than booking for a hotel room.

However, many people ask, is renting a house such as luxury vacation rentals a better option than staying in a five-star hotel? This article will help you decide, so keep reading.

Why Luxury Villas is a Much Better Option

In some places, luxury vacation rentals are a better option. Many beach resorts offer villas instead of hotels for decades now. More often than not, these villa renters are respected and treated as long-term residents instead of temporary night guests.

Villas are great when you need privacy.

One of the best perks villas have to offer is the maximum privacy. More often, rental houses are private villas, which offer you the following advantages:

  • You don’t have neighbors that are on the other side of the walls
  • Your villa’s pool is all yours, and you have no one to share it with. You can even take off all your clothes if you have a thing for swimming naked
  • Your parking space is just by your backyard.
  • You wouldn’t have to meet and greet strangers outside your doors since you mostly have the entire place by yourself
  • You can sweat all you want in the gym without getting conscious because no one’s looking.

Villas are better when you want solitude.

More often than not, villas are quieter than most hotels. Apart from the fact that you don’t have someone next to your room, it is also quiet because most villas are towns away from the city and they’re far from the noise of the streets. No woman stilettos will disturb your sleep when someone goes upstairs apart from your own.

Villas provide you with more value for your money than hotels.

When you’re traveling with your friends and family or might book an extended stay, villas provide you with more value for your money than five-star hotels. It’s actually one of the most common misconceptions when traveling in groups. Whether you need two or ten bedrooms, hotel prices are still no match to a villa’s. That’s actually better since you have amenities like a full kitchen, a private swimming pool, a gym, and a laundry area all for yourself. With that being said, that’s extra savings on food and drinks and also your activities while you’re on vacation.

Villas offer the best locations.

One of the best perks of renting a villa is it’s strategically placed in front of breathtaking views and incredible locations. Examples of that are wonderful seascapes, a beachfront property, and some stunning jungle escapes.

In addition to that, nothing beats the advantage of having the view all for you without the noisy crowds. Vacation homes are often situated in secluded areas compared to hotels. Since it’s an individual property out of nowhere, you can get some of the most exclusive locations in there — whether it’s a cliff or a beachfront perfect for your Instagram pictures.

Villas can offer a much self-tailored vacation.

Renting a luxury villa means traveling at your own pace. There is just this level of personalization that hotels can never beat. Since you have the place all by yourself, you can customize your experience according to what you need and what you want.

If you feel the need to work out, find a villa with a gym. Planning to unwind, and then choose a villa that’s far from the city and is situated in a more secluded area. Since you’re a person renting a private property, you can set everything according to what you want. You wouldn’t worry about missing breakfast scheduled and the pool’s open and closes schedules since the place is yours alone.

Of course, food plays a vital role. When you’re in a hotel, you probably notice that the food pattern is becoming repetitive. However, when you stay in a private villa, you can cook whatever you want to eat, eat in a different location apart from the dining table, or hire a local chef to get your meal plan personalized. In this way, you wouldn’t have to deal with food that you don’t eat, you’re allergic to, or you just don’t want to eat for that time.