30 Koi Tattoo Design And Displacement Ideas

Generally, Koi fish tattoo designs are regarded as one of the most popular and beautiful among tattoo designs, which are attributed to their large size, adorned with vibrant colors and exquisite shading. Koi is the Japanese name of the carp, a common edible fish, which is also recognized as a playful pet too. Koi is a beautiful species, which is endowed with vibrant colors and amazing patterns, making it fascinating in appearance and one of the most beautiful looking pets. This elegant creature has made it to the top among artistic tattoo designs. Many times koi tattoo designs combine these pretty fish with splashing water, lotus or cherry blossom to create a brilliant effect. These intricate tattoos consist of delicate curves, prominent scales and arching angles, making them one of the most popular forms of body art in the present times. These attractive tattoos are usually adorned on the shoulder, back or sleeve.

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