25 Freash DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas For 2015

Finding the right gift can be a damn near impossible task. Not only do you have friends and family to worry about, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a friendly neighborhood then you may want to send something over next door. And if you have kids, well, that includes all their favorite teachers as well! The holiday season is already a tough time for the wallet, so you really can’t always afford to go out and buy everyone the best of the best.

This is where we step in to save the day. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most thoughtful, innovative and creative Christmas gifts that you can make or put together yourself that won’t break the bank and also won’t take up too much of your precious time. Some may say it’s the thought that counts, but constructing something with your own hands and time can be so much more meaningful.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Multi-Strand Scarf


Using just an old t-shirt, and a pair of scissors, you can make this stylish multi-strand scarf within 10 minutes. You can even use two different colors to liven it up even more. The best part is that there is absolutely no sewing involved!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit RabbitFoodForMyBunnyTeeth

Edible Snow Globes


It looks like a snow globe, it shakes and snows like a snow globe, and it… tastes like a snow globe? These things are pure genius. A delicious twist on an old favorite; what more is there to say?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – IHeartNaptime


Book Organizer


This vintage tech travel organizer is just so damn clever! It’s easy to find a cheap vintage book at a second-hand bookstore; remember, all you’re looking for is one with a cool cover so it’s worth spending a bit of time looking for the perfect one.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignSponge


Gift Card


If you’re giving a gift card as a pressie this year then you could make this darling Rudolph envelope to house it in. It doesn’t require much time or effort, but it looks so much better than the original sleeve you get with the card. Keep it festive!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – PocaCosa


Kitchen Love


For someone who loves to spend their time cooking or baking in the kitchen, get them a lovely set of kitchen utensils that you know will be put to good use. We love the idea of keeping them together in a traditional, modern or whimsical oven glove, embellished with a neat bow.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FamilyHoliday


Chalkboard Wrapping


Here’s another fun way to wrap your gifts this year: give them the chalkboard look! The gift wrap and chalk ink markers should be available at craft stores, so now your wrapping can be as personalized as the actual gifts.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – NashvilleWraps


Personalized Mugs


Everyone has some hot beverage that they love; whether it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. A personalized, hand-drawn mug is an excellent idea for those close to you. Some people have had mixed results with the Sharpie ink coming off after a few washes, so to be safe, rather get  your hands on markers that are made specifically for ceramics (should be available at craft stores). Also make sure that you put the mugs into a cold (not preheated) oven, otherwise they may chip.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ABeautifulMess


Cutlery Rings


This project is pure genius! You may have some of these lovely decorative cutlery pieces at home, or you could pop over to a second-hand store to get them at a good price. Who would have guessed that these stunning antique-looking rings were once used to shovel food into people’s mouths?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ThroughTheFrontDoor


Scented Candles


Homemade scented candles are perfect for teachers, coworkers and neighbors, and you really don’t need that much time to make them. Get a whole bunch of essential oils so that you can give them a lovely collection of different scents. Make the jar look pretty and you’re good to go!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FindingHome


Woven Felt Basket


Everyone always needs some form of storage; whether it’s for magazines, kids’ toys, towels or crafting materials, they all need to be put away neatly. This felt basket offers organization in style!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DandelionDrift


Braided Bracelets


We are absolutely obsessed with these bracelets: they look awesome on your wrist, require minimal effort to make (about five minutes each), and you hardly need any additional supplies. Too keep your costs even lower (bet you didn’t think that was possible!), cut up an old t-shirt instead of purchasing jersey knit fabric.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – VAndCo.


Embellished Kitchen Towels


Kitchen towels can be really inexpensive—especially if you get bulk discounts or sales—and they can be jazzed up with just a bit of interesting trim. You don’t necessarily have to go with the Christmas theme here; you can pick something to match the color palette of your friend’s house.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MyBlessedLife


Rosette Accessories


Who knew you could make something so beautiful out of duct tape? Once you get the hang of making these lovely rosettes you can create rings, earrings, hair accessories and even brooches.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Brit+Co


Handmade Fluffy Bear


Instead of just going out and buying your little niece, cousin or daughter a teddy bear, you can make your own in no time at all. These little bears are just so endearing, and it always means so much more when someone’s actually made the effort and taken the time to make the cute fluffy teddy by hand; it just gives it so much more character.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – AllAboutAmi


Vinyl Bowl


This is such an awesome idea for any music lover; we love the retro feel of the finished product. You can even paint and seal the bowl after melting if you want something other than black.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MorningCreativity


Wood Slice Ornaments


We love the natural rawness of these beautiful ornaments. You don’t have to keep them specifically Christmas-themed, you could draw interesting patterns or designs or use a stencil if you don’t feel comfortable going freehand. These can hang anywhere in the house, or you could even glue a piece of felt to the underside to make a set of coasters.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BecomingMartha


Lip Balm


Making your own lip balm is pretty easy to do, and you can customize it with different “flavors” and colors. Create your own pretty labeling and you have an instant winner!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MarthaStewart


Rudolph Hooded Towel


If you love the hooded towel idea but want to stick with a Christmas theme then get to work and make this adorable Rudolph one. The tutorial is really easy to follow once you’ve downloaded the pattern pieces.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CrazyLittleProjects


Laptop Envelope


Do you have a friend who is constantly on the go with her laptop? Instead of carrying around the usually boring-looking laptop bags, why not make her a stylish clutch envelope? You can decorate it however you see fit. You could even adjust the measurements to make it fit an iPad or tablet instead.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ThePrettyLifeGirls


Cork Travel Map


Have a friend who’s a seasoned traveler? This cork travel map should really impress them; you can make one of any country that you know they love, or if you have the time, make the entire world. Make it interactive by adding little pins that they can use to indicate where they’ve been and where they still hope to go.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignSponge


Bag of Treats


Instead of a gift bag you can give a treat bag this year – fill it with homemade cookies, delicious loose leaf tea… whatever! We love the natural look and feel of burlap, and the neutral tone really lends itself to some creative decoration on your part.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ShopgirlMaria


Pyramid Gift Box


If you’re giving a delicate gift like a piece of jewelry, why not make your own stunning box to protect it? This tutorial makes it really easy since there is a template to work from; all you have to do is cut, fold, tie and decorate!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LinesAcross


Camera Strap


If you have a snap-happy friend who you need to get a gift for, they may appreciate this genius little craft: a customized strap to accessorize their camera. Give those boring Nikon and Canon straps the makeover they deserve!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignSponge


Christmas Toffees


Homemade treats never, ever go unappreciated, and if you stick them in a pretty jar with some lovely decorations or embellishments, you’ve got a surefire winner on your hands. Just make sure to make a few extra of these sweet and salty delights; you won’t be able to stop yourself from munching during the process!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –  IHeartNaptime


Lamb Pillows


If you really want to go all the way you can make these delightfully adorable lamb pillows! You don’t even have to be a sewing pro to make these; the templates are downloadable and it goes a lot quicker than you’d think. These are just so damn cute that they’re actually perfect for all ages.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ThePurlBee