1920s Hairstyles Ideas That Will Turn You Vintage

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The 1920s was an age defined by a commotion. It is a phase where women raged for their rights, for their identity, and that is the power to vote. The decade of the 1920’s, is an era where women went through a lot of suffering. Another trademark change was because of this social situation, women were chopping off their long Victorian tresses and embracing a much shorter hairstyle. Hence hairstyle went through an evolution. The hairstyle of this time is thus a variety of short hairstyles, with shear cuts. The feminine touch was incorporated through the addition of gorgeous head accessories.

1920 Hairstyles ideas

This hairstyle, very much aligned with the eras style quotient is a typical Short hairstyle that was worn during that time. This hairstyle following the norm is decorated with a shiny headband.

1920 Hairstyles

The front curly short hairstyle is a beautiful piece of hairstyle that when recreated can surely attract a lot of attention. The look is very classy representing elegance and grace. The side of the hairstyle is ornated with a beautiful hanging accessory.

1920s Awesome Updo Hairstyle

The pin-up rolls was a style that was carried on to later hairstyle ages as well. An earlier hairstyle like this was made with the help of paddle brush and pins. Nowadays this hairstyle will just require a styler. That’s all!

1920s Curly Bob Hairstyle

The blonde colored wavy hair has a very bold appeal. This hairstyle is a bit messy yet in its unkempt look it radiated a great charm.

1920's Hairstyles and the Cloche Hat.

The roller Bob’s were yet again a style that was very quintessential to this era of the 1920’s. The hairstyle till date is a classical timepiece that will make you like sheer vintage. A gown would be a great pair up.

1920's hairstyles for long hair ideas

The front shingles were a style that was done on special occasions and could easily be styled in events, parties, and marriage functions. It is indeed a great style. The addition of the hair accessory increases that glamour quotient of the entire look.

1920's hairstyles for long hair

The curvaceous golden locks can find great relevance in modern times while holding its legacy back to the 1920’s age. This hairstyle is short and simple, with a graceful and charming impact.

1920's hairstyles for long hairs

The rolled-up hairstyle has subtle waves added to it, and the overall look is just so gorgeous. This hairstyle can be in contemporary times paired with a beautiful piece of solid monochrome dress to give that sensual and stylish vibe.

1920s hairstyles image gallery

The side buns were always a trend that marked elegance in ages of such strictness. This hairstyle is a carefree bun tied at the side, but the grace of the hairstyle lies in the fact that it has a headband in the form of a tiara that adorns the forehead beautifully.

1920s hairstyles pictures

As stated earlier, the age showcased hairstyle that was short, sensuous and had an element of accessory to increase the charm, similarly this style too abides by the trait of that era.

1926: American film actress Joan Crawford (1908 - 1977). (Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull/John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
circa 1926: Portrait of American actress Clara Bow, the 'It' girl. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1920s Hairstyles

1920's hairstyles

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