What are The Benefits of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a powerful automatic cleaner with sensors and wheels. It is programmable to clean floors, carpet or rugs. They are highly beneficial for busy smart people who are in short of time.

Some of the benefits of the robotic vacuum cleaners are as follows

Can Move Around Corners And Under Furniture

As the robotic vacuum cleaners are disc shaped their size is ideal to slide under a sofa or bed. Also the corners that are not reached by the standard vacuum cleaners are reached easily.

Easy To Use

As they are programmable with timers, the robot vacuum cleaners work under pre determined timings. One just needs to place it at the right spot on the floor and program it according to his convenience.

Minimal Maintenance

The machine lasts for years. One has to clean the dust bag frequently for the robot to live long. The filter and brushes can be cleaned according to the frequency of cleaning. If the cleaning is done 4 times a month, the accessories should be cleaned at least twice a month. However, it depends on the features of the machine. For instance, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C has 4 brushes, therefore the dirt split is more and the cleaning frequency is less.

Self Charging

Some of the machines like Eufy 15C are self charging, in other words charges automatically. These machines are highly supportive when one has to travel frequently.


Some robotic cleaners have advanced sensors. These sensors detect the amount of dirt. Depending on the dirt, the suction power of the machine is fixed. If the dirt is hard, then the machine switches over to greater suction power automatically. And if the floor is less dirty, it operates on lower suction power. This helps to save electricity.

Detects Surfaces

The Robotic Vacuum Cleaners can climb small stairs. It has sensors to detect walls and stairs. These are motion sensors that help the machine to guide its path throughout the cleaning process. Apart from the elevation, they can also detect the type of surfaces and adjust the suction power accordingly. A larger suction power for a carpeted floor might damage it and a smaller suction power for a tiled floor might not remove the dirt completely as the dirt sticking is harder on such surfaces.

Large Dust Tanks

Some advanced models like the Eufy RoboVac 15C have large dust tanks. This allows multiple cleaning before replacing the tanks and cleaning the brushes


There are many smart Robotic cleaners that come with options of Wi – Fi. These cleaners can be connected to the phone through personalised application. This helps to operate the cleaner from any part of the world. Also, there are many other cleaners that come with remote controls.

Saves Time

One often spends maximum time of their holiday on cleaning. Especially, more time is frittered on scratching and clearing the stains. The Robotic vacuum cleaners help to save time and allow the person to sit back and relax!