Ways to Boost Your Mental Dexterity

It has now been widely accepted what medical professionals have been advising for years – mental health is just as crucial as physical health. Given the increased stresses presented with modern life, from economic downturns to employment uncertainty and so many others, it’s no wonder the research consistently reveal such a high proportion of us are experiencing some form of mental health problem. One in four adults is the common statistic.

Finding Diversions

But the good news is, since the subject has become so high profile, advice is increasingly on-hand concerning ways of looking after your mind as much as your body. We are encouraged to give ourselves breathing space whenever possible. Escaping from the office desk each evening shouldn’t just be about going home to pore over another computer screen, getting stressed by social media. It should be about finding a diversion you can truly immerse yourself in. If you’re single, this might mean reaching for a smart device to flirt with prospective partners. Once you find someone suitable and begin dating, you can pool your resources and indulge in activities which will help improve both your capacities to counter mental ill-health.

Meal Preparation

Getting together with a new partner often involves heading out on date nights. The common location for these excursions will be your local restaurant where you can get to know another better over a candlelit meal. But you should also consider the psychological benefits of doing things like home baking.

There has been a surge in interest in this topic recently, judging by the viewing figures for the TV shows. But rather than getting bogged down recreating overly decorous pastries, it would be worthwhile consulting the Internet and picking up the many basic recipes which can be used to create wonderfully tasty meals.

This activity will be accompanied by a wide range of psychological benefits. At its most basic level, it is a wonderful way to self-express, letting your new love interest know how important they are to you. But it’s also about so much more than eating healthily. Home baking can be a tremendous boost to your mental health, not just for yourself, but also the person you have invited to share your sumptuous treats. Producing your own cakes is an altruistic act, so much more meaningful that shoving a packet into a microwave. Everything that goes into the process displays a loving care.

Vital Ingredients

There are many foods to make you feel good, items loaded with B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc or potassium. You couldn’t possibly have the time to pore over the ingredients of each item as you go around the supermarket shelves checking out which of them contain these substances. But there are many obvious examples laden with these wondrous supplements. Think of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Not only would these be excellent feasts to enjoy with your partner, you should be incorporating these into your daily diet as a matter of course.

Another pointer is to avoid foods detrimental to a good night’s sleep, such as red meat, chili or anything overly spicy that will promote indigestion. Focus on natural foodstuffs like brown rice, which contain amino acids, or fruits such as cherries will release melatonin.

Rather than indulging in the convenience of the takeaway or processed dishes which can be blasted to smithereens after a few minutes in the microwave, if you focus on these substances you will feel far more energized. This, in turn, will give you the capacity to be far more active. When you look back at the previous version of yourself, returning from work to eat a ready meal, which would lead to a period of lethargy as you vegetated on your couch beside the TV remote control, once you switch your diet to something more nutritional, your body – and mind – will feel the benefits in no time at all. Your whole outlook on life will be altered.