Top 4 Strategies You Need to Gain Muscle Weight

It is the dream of many guys if not all to have well-built bodies and if possible six packs. However, most of them are still skinny simply because they don’t know the way forward to becoming the men they want to be. No matter how many pounds you pile up in your body, if you lack that healthy diet, you may never have proper development of your muscles.

As a matter of fact, losing weight can be an easier thing than building that muscular block that you need. Sometimes it turns out to be very frustrating and can keep you visiting the gyms without any tangible result. Here are some of the tips you need to have that muscular strength and frame that you are looking for:

Taking Adequate Calories

There is a basic principle in the growth of your body that lies on taking enough calories every single day of your life. It is not just filling your body with calories but in this case, they should be high quality.

Ensure each and every day you consume more calories than you burn in your daily activities. You start by taking 20% more calories than you usually take so as to gain that muscle mass you want. Basically, you need calories and proteins in your system to gain enough strength.

Taking enough Protein

Taking adequate and sufficient proteins will not work effectively if they are not high quality. The usual recommendation is to always take 8g of protein per kilogram in your body. However, you need to raise the bar higher to 1.5-2.0g of proteins per every kilogram that you weigh.

Every protein should have a biological value in your body and it will not just give you strength to do your workouts but will also keep you active and intimate with your spouse. You can find out more about how proteins and fruits are great to the health of a man.

Take the right fats

Well, that should tell you that there are wrong fats that will make you plump and fatty all around your belly. The right we are talking about here is polyunsaturated and all the monounsaturated fats. Such fats are found in avocados, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, flax seeds, and cod liver oil. These will do you great gain in boosting your muscle strength.

Workouts plus carbs

After taking these great calories, carbohydrates, and fats, you need some exercises. This is where you need some stored energy in your muscles. This stored energy can only be found in carbohydrates. It is usually stored in form of glycogen in your muscles. Stick to porridge, wholegrain bread, brown rice, and cereals with no or little salts and avoid those junk carbohydrates in cakes and biscuits. Find out more on how these carbohydrates and other fruits like melon and avocado can boost your strength in every exercise in your gym and home.


Gaining muscle strength can be frustrating if you fail to take the right proportion of meal that your body needs. If you are on junks as a man, you might end up having lean or just fatty body. The best way to burn that excess fat is to be engaged in workouts in your gym. You can have that muscle frame you need; just add some effort into it. Good luck!