The Renaissance of Sterling Silver for Fashion & Jewelry

Since the gold price has been skyrocketing silver jewelry is no longer considered as “maid’s jewelry”. Famous brands such as Tiffany & Co., Gucci, or Pandora set new trends with their creative and modern silver jewelry lines. The big advantage of buying silver jewelry is its affordability compared to expensive gold or platinum jewelry. White gold and platinum jewelry is very trendy but the appearance of silver is almost the same compared to its expensive counterparts, which is why many people decide to buy silver jewelry. For many people the joy in a piece of jewelry comes with the beautiful, seductive design and not with the material itself. Silver is a great material for jewelry as it is durable and long-lasting what makes it the perfect every-day-jewelry companion for women and men equally.

Silver jewelry comes in every form such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings etc. New jewelry trends show that modern jewelry has to be opulent and flashy. Big rings and colorful earrings are the new it pieces for women. The term fashion jewelry can be transposed word-by word as more and more women buy their own jewelry and do not want to wait for a jewelry gift from their husband or boyfriend. Jewelry has become an essential fashion accessory thus women with a great taste for fashion have a big jewelry collection to match their outfits with meticulously selected jewelry. Because of the increasing demand for every-day jewelry, affordable silver jewelry and gold-plated jewelry is as popular as never before. There are two main functions jewelry should have: it should look classy and it should be affordable. Silver jewelry fulfills these requirements just perfectly which is why fashion silver jewelry is in such high demand. And people understand that they are buying a real value with an option to resell easily. Even pre-owned jewelry can be sold for a high price as reports (Visit:

These days it’s not a taboo to wear jewelry which is not as expensive as gold or platinum. Silver jewelry celebrates its renaissance and that’s for a good reason. It was the legendary Coco Chanel who mixed fine jewelry with less expansive fashion jewelry and she set a new trend with her keen sense for elegance and uniqueness. Exclusive brands like Chanel, Bvlgari, and Gucci (Visit: just to name a few, offer distinguished silver jewelry designs that meet the taste of a new sophisticated and affluent client base. But also young and aspiring jewelry designers enjoy the precious metal silver for their jewelry production. The material costs for silver are significantly lower than for gold, platinum, or palladium what gives the jewelry designers much more freedom and flexibility to create their jewelry which is a also a great benefit for the customer as the variety is huge. Young creative designers can offer a wide range of different products to show their talents.

The new trend in the jewelry industry for 2019 is “Back to the Nineties”. Musically and stylishly, the 1990s revival is hard to miss. The new jewelry trends are also geared towards a comeback and show themselves in contemporary interpretations. Choker, ball, and circle shapes as well as chain cascades and layering looks play a decisive role. Coins and shells are worn as talismans. Ultra-long XXL earrings and big hoop earrings – both in pairs as well as in a creative mix or as striking soloists make a statement on the ear. Which material suits such creations better than silver?