The Amazingly Creative Replacement Glass For Patio Table

A patio is an outdoor space which holds great significance to the homeowners and serves as a great place to retreat and enjoy the beauty of nature. Surrounded by the remarkable natural beauty, the patio furniture also requires to live up to the standard of the beauty which environs it. Especially used for dining and recreation, the patio space comprises of state-of-the-art furniture which is both pleasing to the eyes & mind. The patio tables are used extensively in both the contemporary & traditional houses and many households struggle in finding the perfect replacement glass for patio tables.

Searching out for the patio table glass replacementis a daunting task and the homeowners have to search long & hard to find something which is visually nice and aesthetically smooth. The outdoor furniture usually consists of patio tables which feature lustrous glass tops. This theme has been going around for ages and goes along perfectly with the minimal requirements of the outdoors. The outdoor furniture is not usually as symmetrical as the indoors and this complicates the process of finding a Replacement Glass for Patio Tables.The asymmetrical design and irregular shape of the patio tables require a certain type of glass which is capable of enduring the complications caused by the irregular configurations.

Fab Glass & Mirrors had worked in tandem with a group of highly skilled professionals whose aim is to simplify the complications faced by the homeowners. The wide range of standard regular shaped and customized irregular shaped glass patio tabletops had helped satisfy the design needs and requirements of the general public. The custom-cut Patio Table Glass Replacementsare designed and manufactured not only to fulfill the aesthetic needs but also to serve as an emblem of long-lasting durability. These amazingly creative glass replacements are hand-fabricated and provide the homeowners with a cheaper alternative which succeeds in maintaining the overall appearance and appeal of patio tables.

Types of Replacement Glass for Patio Tables

The patio furniture is extremely unique and exclusive because it doesn’t follow a specific trend and this inimitability complicates the selection of patio table glass replacements.There are numerous different types & kinds of patio tables used extensively for outdoor furniture and using a standard glass replacement is not always the right option. This issue had led to the manufacturing of custom-cut glass replacements which serve the purpose of easing the complications of homeowners in the most remarkable of manners.

Some of the most common types of patio tables are pedestal, cover, and metal frames tables. These kinds are sub-divided into numerous different forms of tables and each requires a distinguish glass tabletop which is capable enough to adjust to the varying configurations of the tables and also the properties of materials. Following is a list of the most popular kinds of patio tables and also provide information about the most commonly used glass configuration for such tables.

  • Pedestal Glass Tables

The pedestal glass tables are widely used in places where the homeowners require an enhancement in the aesthetic beauty. The classy and sophisticated visual appeal of such tables allows them to perfectly adjust to any given theme of the contemporary design world of today & tomorrow. An act of finding a replacement glass for patio tablesfeaturing pedestals is a relatively complicated task. The homeowners need to know the perfect thickness of glass, type of glass, strength of glass, and kinds of edges. This information can easily be acquired by letting an expert inspect the design needs of your table and helps you in the selection of the most ideal glass tabletop.

These pedestal tables usually use a thick glass which is able to provide increased strength and durability. As the table’s support is good enough to sustain the weight of a thick glass, it is usually suggested to select a glass which is durable enough to survive the tests of time. The flat and beveled edges are preferred for the outdoor patio tables of regular or irregular shapes and these edges can easily be customized with the help of a professional. As for the round patio pedestal tables, pencil polish edges are preferred the most and are used extensively because it provides great durability and enhances the aesthetic appearance.Fab Glass & Mirror offers an exceptional collection of Patio Table Glass Replacementsfor pedestal tables and covers both the regular standard shapes and customized asymmetrical ones. Keeping in view, the design needs of the homeowners, the customized glass is manufactured to suit the configurations of a pedestal glass table in a perfect way.

  • Total Cover Glass Tables

The contemporary world of interior design never ceases to amaze the hearts & minds of the fashionable homeowners. Some of the most widely used patio tables are constructed of total cover and the glass tabletops can be used on top of such tables to prolong its life and increase its durability. The glass tabletop can be effectively used to protect such tables from scratches and the damages caused by the uncertain weather. The replacement glass for patio tablesmade up of wholesome wicker or stones is a great choice and the application of glass creates an easy to clean surface which greatly simplifies the maintenance of such a patio table. The glass protects the table without denting the aesthetic appeal of such a table and is a preferable choice for total cover tables which are a part of the vintage collection. Besides this, the usage of glass also protects the prestigious material of the patio tables from the unwanted stains.

Such patio tables usually require standard glass tabletops whose thickness varies in between 1/4″ to 3/8” and the increased support permit the usage of a thinner glass tabletop. A tempered glass is usually used in cover tables which reduce the chances of damage on breakage as it doesn’t shatter into pieces. In terms of the type of glass, many homeowners usually prefer standard clear or HD glass as showcasing the aesthetic beauty of the material underneath is most important. As for the edges, these patio table glass replacementsare best to be used with polished flat or beveled edges as most commonly such tables come in the shape of square or rectangle.

  • Glass Replacement for Metal Frame Patio Tables

Perhaps the most complicated kind of tables among the three, the quest for finding a Replacement Glass for Patio Tablesmade up of metal frames is seemingly the toughest. The metal frame patio table provides a lightweight and durable alternative for patio tables and is commonly used in households practicing contemporary and traditional themes. These tables do offer a great number of advantages to the users but they also provide great complications when it comes to the replacement of the glass tabletop. The framed structure of the table is rigid and measuring the exact dimensions of the frame quite often become a daunting task. But as the precision of these measurements holds pivotal importance in manufacture & design of Patio Table Glass Replacements, it is recommended to seek the help of an expert.

The customization of the replacement glass may be a bit difficult but such patio tables provide the homeowners with a greater degree of freedom. These metal frames can support a wide range of glass thicknesses and as for the glass types, it is probably best to use the tempered glass with such tables. Not using a tempered glass is not a good idea as the framed structure may cause the glass to shatter down far & wide in case of breakage. As for the edges, the seamed and flat-polished edges are most preferred and both offer a great degree of functionality to the homeowners.

The Standard Shapes of Patio Table Glass Replacements

The patio table glass replacementsare available in widely popular standard shapes and different dimensions of these shapes are also manufactured for the ease of the homeowners. The regular shape includes Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval/Ellipse, Race Track Oval and the irregular shapes comprises a list of a broad range of asymmetrical shapes. The homeowners can select the desired dimensions and the glass type which suit their needs the best. The thickness & strength of the glass can also be specified as well as the edge & corner finishing. The selection of thereplacement glass for patio tableshad never been this simpler in the past and now homeowners can enjoy the aesthetic beauty & appeal of patio tables in the greatest of manners.

Fab Glass & Mirrors also manufactures a broad range of custom-cut glass replacements which are made specifically in accordance with the needs & requirement of your patio furniture. The quality of the glass replacements is never to be compromised and the type of glass plays a key role in the selection of the patio table glass replacements. Rather it is tempered glass or frosted one, all types of glass are available to the homeowners and one can select a glass which aligns perfectly with their aesthetic requirements.