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Side Hairstyles For Long Hair Women’s

Long side ponytails are being seen everywhere this year. From the runways of New York City’s Fashion Week, at celebrity weddings, and not to mention all the Hollywood red carpet events and award shows. They are a beautiful way to wear your hair in a more formal manner without looking too uptight. They are super sexy because they have a lot of movement and styling options.

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The 20 Best ’70s Hairstyles

The 1970s has become known for a lot of outlandish trends, and the hairstyles of that era are no exception.  As those who lived through the decade thumb through pictures of the decade’s unique looks, they often snicker at the unusual hairstyles they sported, determined not to repeat the same mistake again!  But those unique hairdos were pretty cool in their day and those who wore them were quite proud of their look. And even though the young generation of today might find those styles unappealing, the looks of the 70s will remain some of the most memorable hairstyles in history.

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Curled Hairstyles To Must Try This Year

Adding curls to any hairstyle automatically makes it feel more glamorous and put together. Whether you have short or long hair, luscious curls can be added to any length and look extra gorgeous. Take a peep at some of our favorite curled hairstyles and get inspired!

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Undercut Hairstyle For Women’s

This lovely hairstyle is quite alluring and attractive owing to the contrast created by the undercut with that of the longer top and bangs. The sides are razor-trimmed creating a neat look, while the top are awesomely long and wavy. The effect is really fabulous and lovely. If you want to be daring with your haircuts, you can definitely try this lovely undercut hairstyle for a radical change in your look.  –

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David Beckham Hairstyle Picture Gallery

English Footballer David Beckham is one of the coolest footballer in the whole world. Born on May 2 1975, David Beckham was once the heartbeat of football world and was the center of attraction of world media. This was not only because he was very talented footballer but also had looks that could turn girl crazy in minutes. David Beckham wanted to be footballer since he was a kid. However his mother and father thought that this dream was not very realistic and suggested him to go for another work. However David was very determined boy since childhood and had a belief in his dreams and himself. He joined aclub in 1986 at the age of 11 and started playing for it in 1990. He practiced football for four years. 90s was lucky for David beckham and in the starting of the decade he guided his club to memorable winning in 1992. After that he never looked back.

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Crazy Hairstyles Image Gallery

Are you the daring type that sets a trend rather than follows it? Do you get your kicks by standing out in a crowd? Maybe it’s just your creative spirit that’s too hard to contain? I say, go for it! Do whatever drives and inspires you to indulge in the uniqueness of you. Set that stun factor on high with any of these gorgeously crazy hairstyles that range from crazy-cool to extremely crazy.

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